NOVA Paraboy is widely known as the God of PUBG Mobile because of his God-tier skills. You can learn lots of tips and tactics from this pro player. He also showed you how to rush a pro squad in this game.

Tactics To Rush A Pro Squad

The most important rule to win in squad mode is teamwork. In PUBG Mobile esports tournaments, you rarely see a pro player leave his team too far behind to go solo. Therefore, teamwork is the key to win when you rush a pro squad.

Teamwork In Pubg Mobile
Teamwork is the key to win in squad mode.

Next, learn some pro tips and tactics from pro player Paraboy - God of PUBG Mobile recently.

  • Grab any weapons around immediately after you land. Therefore, you must be able to use all weapons in this game.
Use All Weapons
Use any weapons you grab after landing.
  • Keep communicating with your teammates that guarantees your teamwork. Stick to your team and don't stay too far from your teammates.
  • Pro players often pay attention to all sounds and movements around, especially when they move on the open ground. Therefore, a good game sense is very essential.
Pubg Mobile Buggy Min
Pay attention to every sound and movement around.
  • After surviving after early combat in this game, let's find your favorite weapons. The best combo of pro players includes an AR and a sniper gun. For example, Paraboy often uses M416, SCAR-L, or AKM for close combat and an M24 to pick enemies in long-range fights.
Perfect Weapon Combo
Use a short-range and a long-range weapon.
  • Inform your teammates of your move and enemies' move. Besides, count the damage and let your teammates know if you shoot accurately. Besides, keep asking if your teammates forget to communicate.
Rush Together
Rush together and fall back together.
  • Rush together. Always update the status of the enemy team so that all players in your team know how to co-operate and how to rush.
  • Don't be greedy for kills. Mark the locations of all enemies you can spot so that your friends stay safe and contribute damage to kill the opponent together.
Stay Close To Team
Stay close to support and cover your teammates.
  • If you fall back, also let your teammate knows. Share supplies after a successful rush. Your team will be the strongest when all four players are stronger than opponents. Then, you have more chances to win when you rush a pro squad in PUBG Mobile.

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