M249 is going to leave the airdrop in the latest PUBG Mobile update 1.4. It's also optimized in the current version. When MG3 comes to PUBG Mobile, it may make many players confused a bit in choosing a better weapon. Let's compare PUBG Mobile MG3 vs M249 to pick up the better one.

M249 Optimization In PUBG Mobile 1.4

There are many big changes in the features of the iconic Light-machine gun M249.

New M249
M249 has a lot of changes in PUBG Mobile 1.4.
  • New appearance: It looks a bit bigger, lighter, and shorter.
  • Damage and rate of fire are reduced slightly but recoil is increased a bit.
  • The default ammo capacity is reduced from 100 to 75 bullets per load.
  • New attachment slots for a new magazine and tactical stock to help you control the gun recoil. Moreover, it can hold up to 150 bullets per load. The reload speed also decreases.
M249 1 4
Its appearance is also updated.

These changes make this legendary LMG better for close combat. Moreover, according to some leaks, M249 will leave the airdrop soon after PUBG Mobile Update 1.4.

MG3 Vs M249 Ultimate Comparison

When M249 leaves the airdrop, MG3 may come to replace it. These two guns have some similarities and differences. You can experience this new gun in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, also known as Games For Peace.

Pubg Mobile Mg3
MG3 may come to replace M249 in the airdrop.

PUBG players can also play with this new gun in the PC version for months. This new LMG has been released in the PC version of PUBG

#1. Base Damage & Recoil

M249 uses 5.56mm ammo while MG3 uses 7.62 ammo. However, these two guns have the same base damage to all body parts. Both of them are expected to be more powerful but it seems to let many players down. Moreover, MG3's recoil is not insane as many players think. It's still stable despite its high rate of fire.

Mg3 Has Two Bipods
Mg3 has two Bipods to make it more stable in prone or crouch poses.

#2. Rate Of Fire

In this criterion, MG3 surpasses M249. The iconic LMG M249 has a pretty mind-blowing rate of fire that reaches 750 rounds per minute. But MG3 has a more impressive rate of fire. This weapon features two firing modes with insane rates of fire. The Burst mode's firing rate reaches 660 rounds per minute and the Auto mode's rate of fire is 990 rounds per minute.

Mg3 Has Two Firing Modes
The new LMG has a higher rate of fire in 990rpm mode.

#3. Damage Per Second

DPS of M249 is 500 HP/s while it's 440 to 660 HP/s in MG3. In the default mode, MG3 is pretty weaker than M249 but in the Super firing mode, MG3 is really a beast. It becomes the most powerful weapon in this game that allows you to finish the opponents in a second.

Pubg Mobile M249 Ammo Capacity
New M249 has a larger ammo capacity.

#4. Initial Bullet Speed

However, the initial bullet speed of M249 reaches 915m/s while MG3's initial bullet speed reaches 820m/s. It makes M249's bullets fly faster and reach the target earlier. Moreover, the bullet drop rate is not very high. Hence, it's more accurate in mid and long-range combat.

M249 Initial Bullet Speed
M249 has a higher initial bullet speed.

#5. Firing Mode And Ammo Capacity

MG3 offers players two firing modes, including 660rpm and 990rpm. However, M249 has only one firing mode. Besides, MG3 has a smaller ammo capacity with 75 bullets per load. In this update, the default ammo capacity of M249 is also reduced to 75 but you can use a special magazine to expand the ammo capacity of this gun to 150.

In short, both MG3 and M249 are beasts in PUBG and PUBG Mobile. The new light machine gun is highly anticipated in the Mobile version of this game.

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