In such a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile, having the powerful weapons is the key to get chicken dinner. As PUBG Mobile weapons are diverse, you need to use God-tier weapons to clear enemies faster and clutch more teams. Check out the best weapons for 1v7 clutch by God-tier players.

#5. AWM

AWM is known as the king of sniper rifles with deadly hit damage. It lets you knock a player down in one shot only. Therefore, it's one of the best choices for a team clutch in long-range combat. If you shoot like God-tier players, you can clear a team in 4 or 5 bullets if they are roaming on the open ground.

Awm Clutch
AWM is the king of PUBG Mobile SRs with deadly hit damage.

#4. AKM And M416

The combination of AKM and M416 also helps you win in a 1v7 situation. AKM is always one of the best weapons with super high hit damage. You can knock down an enemy with level-3 armor with only 4-5 bullets. Moreover, M416 is the best weapon for mid-range combat.

Akm M416 Combination
AKM and M416 also help you win in a 1v7 situation.

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#3. DP-28

It's also one of the best God-tier weapons for 1v7 in PUBG Mobile. This LMG uses 7.62 ammo but it's more stable and reliable than other 7.62 weapons. Moreover, you can knock down 2 or 3 enemies quickly in short and mid-range combat in a bullet round. You can use an AKM or M416 as the secondary weapon to kill the last player of the enemy team.

Pubg Mobile Dp 28
DP-28 is more stable and reliable than other 7.62 weapons.

#2. M249

This iconic LMG also has a large ammo round of 100 bullets, making it one of the most-wanted God-tier weapons. Besides, the high rate of fire also makes this gun very deadly in 1v4 and 1v7 situations. You can clear a team quickly with a round of 100 bullets if you shoot accurately. Moreover, this weapon is pretty stable and reliable in short-range combat.

M249 Rate Of Fire
M249 has a large ammo round of 100 bullets and a super high rate of fire.

#1. MG3

Although this God-tier weapon hasn't arrived in the global version of this game, you can use MG3 in the Chinese version, Game For Peace. This new gun is going to replace M249 in the airdrop in later updates. This new LMG has a giant ammo round of 75 bullets. It also has a high rate of fire. You can shoot 660 rounds per minute. NOVA Paraboy also highly estimates this new LMG. He called it a perfect gun for 1v7.

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