To become a GOD-Tier player in PUBG Mobile, you should master all skills and combat. Here are the top PUBG Mobile players with the most complete skills and all tips to play pro like them. Go to find who is GOD of PUBG Mobile now.

Who Is GOD Of PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile GOD-Tier players often master all weapons, ranges of combat, and skills. Here are the five best PUBG Mobile players who can play all roles excellently. Let's find out who is the GOD of PUBG Mobile among Paraboy, Coffin, Jonathan, etc.


COFFIN is one of the most followed PUBG Mobile YouTubers in the world with over 1.17M subscribers. He does not join any professional PUBG Mobile esports organization. COFFIN only focuses on making PUBG Mobile videos.

Insane Kills Of Coffin
Insane numbers of kills that Coffin often makes in the solo mode.

This GOD-like player often shows his hand gestures while playing PUBG Mobile so that audiences can know how to play like him. His assaulting and sniping skills are really amazing.

#4. TSMentity Jonathan

Jonathan is a pro player in TSMentity in India. This pro player also runs a personal YouTube channel titled JONATHAN GAMING with over 2.11M subscribers. His main role in TSMentity is assaulted. However, he can play well in all roles, including sniper and scout.

Janathan Gaming
Jonathan is a pro player in TSMentity in India.

The 19-year-old PUBG Mobile player got many big wins with his teammates, such as the first prizes in PUBG Mobile India Series 2020,  India Today League PUBGM Invitational, and  PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: South Asia. His tactic movements and reflexing speed are extremely mind-blowing.

#3. RRQ D2E

This is another pro player in PUBG Mobile esports. He is playing for one of the best esports organizations in Thailand. D2E also has a well-followed YouTube Channel titled D2E GAMING. He often goes solo vs squad and performs his perfect sniping and assaulting skills. This GOD-like player can play all roles and master all weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Clear Map With 41 Kills
RRQ D2E often clear maps with mind-blowing numbers of kills.

His main role in team RRQ is Attacker. But when he goes solo, D2E can deal with enemies in all ranges of combat. His favorite weapon combo includes an AR or LMG to spray bullets and a DMR to clear enemies at long distances. SKS and Mini-14 will become deadly weapons in his hands.

#2. BTR Luxxy

Luxxy is one of the youngest PUBG Mobile pro players in Asia. He is playing for the team Bigetron RA in Indonesia in the role of a sniper. With GOD-Tier sniping skill, Luxxy is one of the best snipers in the world.

Btr Luxxy
RRQ Luxxy is a very young PUBG Mobile pro player in Indonesia.

Moreover, Luxxy can play well when he goes solo thanks to his complete skills. This pro player is very young but he has a lot of experience in big PUBG Mobile tournaments. Sniper Rifles are often the primary weapon on his hands. Besides, Luxxy also masters bullet spraying with all ARs. His favorite weapons are bolt-action SRs.

#1. Nova Paraboy

Paraboy is known as the best PUBG Mobile player in the world with his insane aiming skill. Paraboy is only 19 years old but he has earned $586,566.98 from his PUBG Mobile pro player career. This baby face boy will your jaw drop with his amazing skills.

Nova Paraboy
Nova Paraboy is recognized as the best PUBG Mobile player in the world.

Chinese players often have a lot of insane skills that make you think they are hackers. But Paraboy can even play better than hackers with his crazy aiming skills. Apart from updating gameplay videos on his YouTube Channel, Paraboy also goes live-stream on the Huya platform, one of the most popular gaming live-stream platforms in China.

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How To Play As GOD-Tier Players?

To play like those GOD-tier players, you need some pro tips.

#1. Master All Weapons

To play like a GOD-tier player, you have to master all weapons, from pistols, shotguns, to ARs, and SRs. You should use a combo for all roles, including a short-range weapon and a long-range weapon. Besides, pro players have to master all attachments and know which one is the best for their weapons.

Master All Weapons
Master all weapons and attachments in this game.

You should choose proper scopes, grips, and muzzles in order to make the weapon more balanced, stable, and reliable. However, it's very important to master bear weapons without attachments.

#2. Play Solo Mode

To improve weapon mastery, you should play solo mode to deal with enemies in all ranges by yourself. Then, you can improve both short-range and long-range skills. Moreover, it also helps players realize more mistakes and learn from mistakes in PUBG Mobile to get better.

Master All Ranges Of Fight
Go solo to master all ranges of combat.

PUBG Mobile YouTubers and pro players often go solo vs squad to learn how to clutch and clear many enemies at once. This skill is very essential for pro players in PUBG Mobile esports tournaments. Sometimes, they have to try to survive alone among a lot of enemies and help their team get high position and rank points from kills.

#3. Master Aiming Skills And Movements

The most impressive skill that makes you play like a pro player is aiming. Paraboy's insane aiming skill also makes him the best player in the world. To reflex fast and win in panic situations, he has to aim quickly and accurately. Moreover, you have to aim accurately when hip-firing and ADS. In addition, you should learn tactic movement skills like Chinese players.

Master Aiming Skills
It's important to boost your aiming skills better than a hacker.

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#4. Improve Your Game Sense

All PUBG Mobile GOD-Tier players have a good game sense. Besides, they also understand all competitive maps thoroughly. Then, those players can draw the plans and routes to move quickly. Moreover, they can reflex by instinct in panic situations without wasting time thinking about how to solve the problem.

Improve Your Game Sense
You should have a good game sense to react to enemies' attacks quickly.

Those are the top 5 PUBG Mobile GOD-tier players. Do you know who is GOD of PUBG Mobile in your country? Leave his name in the comment.

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