PUBG Mobile update 1.4 is coming tomorrow with a lot of new features. Let's take an overview of this upcoming update and see how to play it well.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.4 Overview

The latest update of PUBG Mobile will be available on May 11th. This update will bring you lots of new interesting content, new items, and new game modes.

Titans Arrive
PUBG Mobile 1.4 will brings many Titans to the game.
  • Titan Strike

Titan Strike is the most anticipated gameplay in the upcoming update. PUBG Mobile collaborated with the producer of the famous movie Godzilla vs. Kong to introduce this new gameplay. You will have a chance to interact with many Titans in that movie, such as Kong and Godzilla in a very close distance.

Godzilla Pubg Mobile
Godzilla will appear in Erangel.

This new game mode is also available in Erangel like previous special gameplay. You will meet Godzilla spawned randomly on this map between May 11th and June 8th. Moreover, Kong will appear on Sanhok from May 15th to June 8th. It's also the first time PUBG Mobile player can experience special gameplay on Sanhok.

Pubg Mobile New Titans
Kong will appear on Sanhok.

In addition, PUBG Mobile developers also bring the giant Mechagozzila to Livik between May 2oth and June 8th. Be careful when approaching those Titans or they can crush you with one finger. You can also collect Titan Crystals for different purposes.

Mechagodzilla Pubg Mobile
Mechagodzilla will appear in Livik.
  • Hangar

About three weeks after the release date of this update, the game developer will introduce a new map on the Arena mode on June 1st. You can find many hangars at many corners of the map. It's a map for fast-paced combat like other TDM maps in this game. You need to react fast and shoot accurately. Teamwork is also important on this new map.

Pubg Mobile Hangar
The hangar is a new TDM map in this new update.
  • OTS Mode

This is a new aim mode in this game. It allows you to aim with a stable stance. When you tap this button, you can switch stances quickly without opening the scope. Then, you can target the enemy to shoot them down quickly. You can also lock the aim to keep spraying when moving.

Besides, there is a new sedan called Coupe RB. It will be available soon in the upcoming update. This new sports car will only have two seats for a driver and a passenger. Its speed will also blow up your mind. You can run at 150km/h. However, you cannot drive this car on Karakin and Vikendi.

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