Conqueror tier is the highest tier in PUBG Mobile that only pro players can get. If you want to reach this tier soon, you should have some pro tactics and tricks below.

#1. Rush Control

It's a very important tactic in this game to reach Conqueror tier because you you have to rush or defend when being rushed. When being rushed in this game, you are often rushed by four players. In this panic situation, use a pre-cooked grenade to cause greater damage to all four of them. But you need to have your teammates' support or use some smoke to cover when you cook grenades.

Use Grenades To Defend
Use grenades to defend when being rushed by a full team of four.

#2. Damage Matters

Lots of players often rush right after knocking an enemy. However, it's not always right. For example, you can fall into an ambush went the enemy's teammates are still around. Therefore, count the enemies first. Pro players don't rush immediately. They count enemies and damage to know the HP and armor health of the targets. This pro tactic helps Conqueror tier players know when to rush.

Count Damage
You need to count damage to know when to rush.

#3. Keep Flanking

You have to keep changing your position when rushing or being rushed. Once your fire or move, enemies can know where you are. Then, they can easily approach to kill you. You can make use of all covers around your position to move safely and change position to rush back. For example, use the window or staircase to rush or escape based on the situation and the enemy's situation.

Keep Flanking
Always change your position and find cover to hide.

#4. Aim Lock

It's very essential to improve your aim lock skill in PUBG Mobile. Many players often stop spraying when getting blind by grass or smoke. Then, you will fail to knock and kill enemies. If you spot enemies prone on the ground, keep spraying to that point.

Aim Lock
Keep spraying at the enemy in the grass until you knock him down.

The target can only crawl around that location. Keep spraying until you knock him. You can also predict the location of enemies on the grassland or in the smoke and lock your aim to spray and kill them.

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#5. Cover Jump Shot

It's one of the most helpful tactics and tricks for PUBG Mobile Conqueror-tier players. However, it's pretty hard to do this skill. You need to combine the many skills at once to do the cover jump shot and kill enemies quickly.

Jump And Fire
Jump and aim quickly to shoot the enemies through a low wall.

Players have to jump, aim quickly, and fire at once. Hip-firing is the best choice for this trick because you need to aim and fire quickly and instantly when you jump. You can use this tip to shoot enemies through a wall.

#6. Scare Your Enemies

You should also make your enemies panic if you can. You can use stun grenades, Molotovs, or frag grenades to scare your enemies. Or else, pre-fire in the direction that you think the target will move. It will make the opponents scared and make mistakes.

But don't forget to reload bullets so that you can reflex instantly when the opponents fire back. Don't get panic when your teammate is knocked. You can clear the enemy's team and revive him later.

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