PUBG Mobile has a new map - Karakin for the rank push. Both Miramar and Karakin have desert terrain. But which map is better for rank push? Let's compare PUBG Mobile Karakin vs Miramar and choose a better one for the rank push.

Karakin Vs Miramar: Rank Push

Both Karakin and Miramar have a desert biome with sparse vegetation, bare rocks, and yellow earth. But the new map Karakin has fewer houses which are smaller and lower than houses and compounds in Miramar. In addition, the Miramar map is much larger than Karakin. Therefore, there are more houses and shelters in Miramar than in Karakin.

Karakin Lower Houses Min
Houses and compounds in Karakin are smaller and lower.

Besides, there is no vehicle in Karakin because of the small size of this map. However, vehicles are very important in Miramar because it's very large. Additionally, matches in Karakin are shorter with fast-paced combat. You also have more chances to encounter enemies to get more kills and higher rank points in Karakin.

Pubg Mobile Miramar Min
Miramar has more high-rise buildings

In contrast, you are more likely to have to earn rank points by trying to survive longer. If you make mistakes and die soon, you lose a lot of rank points. That's why Miramar is more ideal for tactical gameplay while Karakin is better for the rank push. In short, choose Karakin if you want to push rank more quickly. If you play well, you can get double or three to four times higher rank points in Karakin.

Miramar Vehicle Min
Therefore, vehicles in Miramar are very important.

Karakin Vs Miramar: Gameplay

The drop location in Miramar always depends on the plane route. However, you can drop wherever you want regardless of the plane route. No matter where the plane route is, you can always reach the place you want to land. In addition, the big cities in Miramar spread all over the map while big cities in Karakin are placed on the edge of the island.

Karakin Big Cities Min
Big cities in Karakin are placed near the edge of the map.

Miramar is 8x8km while Karakin is only 2x2km. Miramar is 16 times larger than the new map. Thus, the spawning rate of supply is also higher than in Miramar. Moreover, the new map Karakin has many secret bunkers with a lot of resources for players to look and gear up quickly. Then, you also engage earlier and finish matches faster in Karakin.

Miramar Drop Location Min
Drop locations in Miramar depend on the plane route.

On a large map like Miramar, tactics are more important. Meanwhile, skills are key factors in a small map like Karakin. In Miramar, you spend most of the time traversing the map. But in Karakin, you have to engage more frequently. That's why skills are very important when playing in Karakin. Just get used to the high pace of this new map.

Karakin Smaller Size Min
Karakin is much smaller than Miramar.

Karakin Vs Mirama: Red Zone

The bomb zone in Miramar is marked in red. Besides, you will be safe when staying inside houses and buildings. However, the bomb zone in Karakin is marked in blue. Moreover, you can still be killed even when staying inside houses because the bomb can destroy Karakin's buildings. Thus, choose Karakin if you want to play aggressively and push rank faster.

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