PUBG Mobile publisher is collaborating with many famous artists to produce amazing songs and make fascinating music videos. What is your favorite theme song? Here are the collection of PUBG Mobile new theme song for the latest season 18 of 2021 and the most popular songs and music videos by PUBG Mobile you shouldn't miss now.

PUBG Mobile New Theme Songs Season 18

Here are the seven newest theme songs in PUBG Mobile season 18. Those fascinating songs will make you dance.

#1. PUBG MOBILE x Lost Frequencies: Rise

This latest theme song of PUBG Mobile is really mind-blowing. Rise is also the most favorite PUBG Mobile new theme song in the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary music party. This big anniversary gathered lots of famous music artists in the world.

Miramar 2 0
MV "RISE" of PUBG Mobile introduced the new look of Miramar 2.0 with many new things.

PUBG Mobile also made a music video for this new theme song. The spectacular MV features the sandstorm on Miramar's sky. It also featured the new look of Miramar 2.0 with many new things.

#2. PUBG MOBILE x Alesso: "Going Dumb"

Going Dumb is a Korean song remixed by Alesso in the collaboration with PUBG Mobile. Korea is also the headquarters location of KRAFTON - the owner of this game. Moreover, this country also has an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile Music Band
PUBG Mobile also collaborated with many famous artists and music bands in the world to make great songs and MVs.

In this MV, popular PUBG Mobile characters turn into Kpop idols and perform exciting dances on a fancy stage. Have you watched this MV yet?

#3. R3HAB x PUBG MOBILE: "Stars Align"

This MV is made by the collaboration of PUBG Mobile and R3HAB. If Rise introduced Miramar 2.0, Stars Align brings you to the new map Erangel 2.0. The touching melody and lyrics of this song are combined with cozy and heart-warming scenes in the video.

Pubg Mobile Erangel 2 0
MV Stars Align brings you to the new map Erangel 2.0 and introduces the new map Livik.

It makes this MV touch the memory of a lot of PUBG Mobile players. This MV also has many scenes in the new map Livik. These two maps look more stunning and vivid in this cinematic version.

#4. The Growth

This is the PUBG Mobile new theme song in season 18 and also the most-viewed 2021 music video of PUBG Mobile recently with over 74M views after a couple of months. It was released on Mar 10th, 2021 with fascinating scenes, fancy melody, and mind-blowing lyrics. The Growth is a rap song with a fantastic melody.

Pubg Mobile The Growth
PUBG Mobile theme song in March 2021 gathers huge attention thanks to its cinematic shots.

The new music video from PUBG Mobile summarizes the growth of this game through many updates in over two minutes. You also see many familiar characters, weapons, gears, etc. of the game in this MV.

#5. Theme Music - EDM Version

You have listened to the Orchestral version of PUBG Mobile theme music. Then, don't miss the EDM version of this theme song. It was specially made for the 2nd anniversary of this game last year. The iconic melody was made new with modern electric music.

#6. Battle for Glory

Battle for Glory is a new theme song in PUBG Mobile this year. The song is the final theme song of the event PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020. This epic theme song has a magnanimous melody and meaningful lyrics that match the game's spirit perfectly.

#7. Nothing's Getting In Our Way

This is a new MV of PUBG Mobile that you should watch. The song Nothing's Getting In Our Way sounds fantastic. PUBG Mobile band will perform this song in the theme outfits of season 17. Moreover, you also hear the phrase "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" in this song.

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Most-Listened Songs In PUBG Mobile

Here are the three most favorite theme songs of PUBG Mobile that every player has been familiar with for years. In addition, they are also played in lots of esports events. Therefore, those iconic theme songs often remind you of your early days in this game.

#1. Theme Music [Originals] Orchestral Version

This is the OST of this game in a very long time since the PC version was released. But not until March 14th, 2020 did PUBG Mobile published the music video on its YouTube Channel. Half of the video's length features four old maps of the game with iconic weapons, vehicles, and more.

Pubg Mobile Theme Song
PUBG Mobile's original soundtrack is the most favorite theme song of this game.

As the video was made before the launch of Livik and Karakin, you only see the scenes of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

#2. On My Way

It's the most favorite theme song in PUBG Mobile for a very long time. Last year, this theme song is played everywhere in the game, from the lobby to the in-game cars. Moreover, you can also hear it on live streams and big PUBG Mobile tournaments.

On My Way
On My Way is the most played song in PUBG Mobile in 2019 and 2020, especially when you drive cars in this game.

The official MV of this song by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko on Alan's official YouTube Channel attracted over 386M views. On My Way is definitely the best PUBG Mobile theme song remix up to now.

#3. Live Fast

Live Fast is also one of the top PUBG Mobile theme songs. The mp3 download link of this song was one of the hottest keywords when the song was released on Jul 25, 2019. Alan Walker also performed this long and On My Way at the esports event PMCO 2019 in Berlin.

Live Fast
Live Fast is also one of the top PUBG Mobile theme songs.

Alan also tagged the name of this game in the title of the MV as a theme song composed exclusively for this iconic game. Both the melody and lyrics of the game fit the spirit of this game perfectly.

Those are the top 10 theme songs and music videos by PUBG Mobile that you shouldn't miss. You can also download your favorite PUBG Mobile new theme song on your phone to listen to it every day.

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