GOD-tier players are using grenades to clear enemies more often in big PUBG Mobile tournaments, such as PMPL and PEL 2021. Here are some epic tips to throw grenades in PUBG Mobile like those pro players.

Throw Grenades In Pubg Mobile
See how you can throw grenades like a pro in PUBG Mobile!

Epic Tips To Cook Grenades

Here are must-know tips to use grenades like GOD-tier players in PMPL.

  • Why do you need to cook grenade?

It's very important to cook frag grenades in PUBG Mobile. If you don't cook the grenade before throwing it, your enemies will know it. Then, they will have s few seconds to fall back ad get out of the area of effectiveness of the explosion. Obviously, you fail to kill them. Then, you need to cook grenades so that the targets don't have time to escape.

Pro Players Grenade
Pro players are using grenades more often in esports tournaments.
  • Practice in the training ground

You can practice and improve this skill in the training mode. You can find the throwable training ground in this mode. There are three levels of difficulty for you to practice with different requirements. Then, you can learn how to cook grenades correctly. Players will master this throwable throughout the time.

Learn To Cook Grenades
Go to the training ground to learn how to cook grenades.
  • Time to cook

The time to cook a grenade depends on the distance between you and your target. For example, when he is 20m from you, hold it until the timer reaches 1 or 2 seconds left. If he is 30m away, cook until it has 2 - 3 seconds left. Then, cook until it has 3 - 4 seconds left when he is 40m and 4 - 5 seconds when he is 50m from you.

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Pro Tips To Throw Grenades In PUBG Mobile

There are several tips that can help you throw a grenade like a pro in PUBG Mobile. Here are the most often recommended strategies.

  • Don't expose

You also need to avoid over-cooking or you will clear your team instead. Besides, don't expose yourself when cooking grenades in PUBG Mobile. It's a deadly mistake that many players often make when playing this game. It's very risky when running out of the cover to throw the grenades because the enemy can easily kill you.

Cook Grenade
Hold to cook and adjust grenade's trajectory.

For example, a lot of players often expose themselves to throw generates to kill enemies in the house. However, they are usually killed before they can blow off the opponents because the enemies can peek and shoot them throw windows easily.

  • Lean and throw

Therefore, stay behind the cover and lean to the left or right based on your position. Then, cook and adjust the grenade trajectory. Make sure your head and body don't come out of the cover. You can step back a little to enlarge the angle. If you expose your body and head, enemies can pick you with a bolt-action sniper and finish you in one shot only.

Lean And Cook
Lean and throw grenades behind walls.
  • Throw grenades behind broken walls

If you are sitting behind a broken wall and want to throw a grenade to end the enemy on the second floor of a house, don't stand to throw grenades when the wall blocks you. You need to find the end of the wall to lean and peek in the crunching pose. Or else, throw grenades from the gap on the broken wall. Do the same when throwing grenades from house to house.

Throw Through The Broken Wall
Throw through the gap on the broken wall.
  • Use Free Look

When you throw a grenade through a wall, it's hard to see where the grenade will drop. In this situation, you can use the free look to see the drop location of the grenade. However, it only works in TPP mode. Moreover, it's much easier to do when you use Gyroscope.

It helps you know whether you adjust the grenade trajectory correctly when throwing grenade from house to house and through a high wall. Especially, it helps you a lot when throwing grenades from house to house. Go to the basic setting to enable the freelook feature and drag the eye button down to see the other side of the wall when you sit or lie under the wall.

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