According to some leaks, MG3 is making its way to PUBG Mobile and become one of three Light Machine Guns in this game. Let's compare MG3 vs DP-28 to pick up the better weapon for fraggers in this game.

#1. Base Damage

In the PC version, the developers make a nerf in all stats of this gun. However, it's still OP. But DP-28 still has higher base damage than this new airdrop machine gun. The base damage of MG3 is only 40 while it's 51 in DP-28 although they use the same bullet type. Then, DP-28 win this round in the comparison between MG3 vs DP-28

Pubg Mobile Dp 28
DP-28 has higher base damage than MG3 although they use the same bullet type.

#2. Rate Of Fire

Although the iconic machine gun DP-28 has higher base damage, its lower rate of fire still makes it weaker. It can shoot 550 rounds per minute (RPM). This status is lower than that of MG3 in both default and full-auto firing modes. MG3's rate of fire is 660 RPM in default mode and 990 RPM in full-auto mode, which are much higher than DP-28's firing rate.

Weapon For 1v7
MG3 has an insane rate of fire.

#3. DPS & Ammo Capacity

With the high hit damage, DP-28 can make the target lose 467.5 HP/s. It's a little higher than the DPS of MG3 in default firing mode (440 HP/s). However, in the full-auto mode, the DPS of new gun MG3 reaches 660 HP/s. It makes this machine gun over powerful in this firing mode. Moreover, MG3 can hold 75 bullets per load while DP-28's ammo capacity is 48. Both these guns do not support extended mag.

Mg3 Has Two Firing Modes
In full-auto mode, the DPS of MG3 reaches 660 HP/s.

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#4. Bullet Velocity & Ammo Capacity

MG3 has a higher muzzle velocity than DP-28. Its initial bullet speed reaches 820 m/s. Then, MG3 bullets will reach the target earlier. Besides, it's also more accurate in long-range combat due to higher bullet velocity. Therefore, if two players with these two guns shoot simultaneously, the one with MG3 can knock the enemy down first.

Mg3 Has Two Bipods
MG3 has a higher muzzle velocity than DP-28.

#5. Effective Range

MG3 is not a good weapon choice for long-range combat because of its great vertical recoil. You often have to readjust the crosshair after each shot. In contrast, using DP-28 is pretty more stable. Therefore, lots of PUBG Mobile pro players choose this weapon for mid-range spray.

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