Apart from the classic mode, Payload 2.0 is the most favorite game mode in PUBG Mobile. It's due to the fast-paced gameplay and lots of heavy weapons, including M202 QUADRUPLE. It will satisfy aggressive players who want to engage in intense combat.

PUBG Mobile M202 QUADRUPLE True Power

M202 is a 4-barreled rocket launcher in PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0. It has come to the game for months but many players haven't tried it. This rocket launcher fires RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades. Besides, this superweapon has two firing modes, including the single and quadruple modes.

Pubg Mobile M202 Power
M202 is a 4-barreled rocket launcher with quadrupled power.

In the single firing mode, M202 will release one rocket in the aimed direction. When you switch to the quadruple, it fires 4 grenades at one in one targeted direction. The power will also quadruple in comparison with the single firing mode. It's strong enough to blow up one team.

Pubg Mobile Rocket Launcher
This rocket launcher will help you clear a team in one shot.

This OP weapon is spawned in the Base. You cannot loot this OP rocket launcher until the Base is opened. Moreover, these Bases are often crowded. A lot of players want to get this superweapon to clear enemies faster.

Fire 4 Rockets At Once
It can fire 4 rockets at once.

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Tips To Use PUBG Mobile M202

You need to know how to use it properly if you want to clear the enemy team successfully.

Loot As Many Grenades As Possible

To get this weapon, you need to camp around the Base before it opens. Each team only needs 1 - 2 rocket launchers because the amount of grenades in each match is limited. All team members should find the grenade for the players using M202.

Loot As Many Rocket As Possible
This weapon uses lots of rockets, so you need to loot as many rockets as possible.

Use The Proper Firing Mode

PUBG Mobile M202 quadruple has two firing modes, so you need to choose the proper mode for different targets. If you fire the single target going solo, switch to the single firing mode to use grenades economically. If you want to clear more than two enemies on a moving vehicle, you need to use the quadruple mode to cause enough damage for a team clutch.

Stay Far From Explosion
Stay away from the explosion or you will get damage.

Use The Scope To Aim

This rocket launcher has a scope for you to aim and shoot accurately. You need to open the scope to aim before tapping the fire button. The best tip to clear the enemy team successfully with this rocket launcher is by hiding your position. When the enemy team spots you and your M202, they will not gather in a spot for you to shoot.

Use The Aim
You should use the scope to aim and fire accurately.

Use An AR As Secondary Weapon

Moreover, you have to stay quiet before firing or the enemy can see and kill you first. Apart from M202, you need another powerful secondary weapon to deal with panic situations. For example, you sometimes may fall into an ambush. The AR can help you reflex quickly when you don't have enough time to reload the M202 rocket launcher.

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