The new Titan Strikes game mode has received great attention from PUBG Mobile players these days. They also spread some myths about Kong and Godzilla. Let's check out the top PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes myths about Titan Strikes and new features in this update.

#1. Godzilla Will Die

Many players are curious about the immortality of Godzilla. Some players said we can kill this Titan with a thousand bullets. However, the game developers do not introduce this Titan to be your enemy in this game mode. Also, it won't be killed no matter how many bullets you shoot.

Kong And Godzilla
Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla in PUBG Mobile update 1.4 are immortal.

Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla are immortal in Kong Vs Godzilla update 2021. But you can kill other monsters like giant crabs and skull crawlers.

#2. Godzilla Crystal Damage Teleports

A PUBG Mobile player shared that if the Godzilla crystal blows on a second floor, it can cause damage to players on the first floor. It's true because this crystal releases Godzilla's atomic power that can penetrate through all walls. Therefore, you need to run as far away as possible when throwing it. The damage will decrease when you increase the distance from the crystal explosion.

#3. Titan Strikes Myths About Godzilla's Body

A player said you can fly through the Godzilla's body with a Motor Glider. When you try to hit the Godzilla with a motor glider, both you and the vehicle will go through the Titan's body. Besides, the Titan does not attack your Motor Glider when you cross its head. Its body and head are not real.

Land On Godzilla
You cannot hit or land on Godzilla's body

Only the legs and tail of Godzilla are real because it can crush players under its foot or swing its tail to kill you. Besides, you cannot land on the head, shoulder, or back of the Titan. If you try to land on its head, you only drop on its foot instead.

Godzilla Legs And Tail
But its legs and tail are real.

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#4. Monsters Vs Vehicle Myth

Another busted myth in this list of Titan Strikes myths is about monsters. A PUBG Mobile player said monsters couldn't attack him when he is on the vehicle. It's not true because these monsters, such as Rock Crab and skull crawlers can still make you injured when you drive vehicles with poor protection, such as motorbikes or Buggy.

Monsters Can Injure Players
Monsters can still injure players inside vehicles with poor protection.

#5. Titan Attack Warning

The myth says that the location of monsters attack often has at least one player. When you see a warning about the Titan's attack on the phone screen, you can also see a small red zone. It's the location of the Titan's attack. In addition, that zone often contains many players. If they don't leave it on time, at least one player will die.

Godzilla Attack Warning
The game will warn you about the Titan's attack.

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