PUBG Mobile Update 1.4 has introduced a new version of M249 that replaced the old one. How is it different from the old M249? Check out some tips to use M249 in PUBG Mobile Update 1.4 here.

PUBG Mobile New M249 Vs Old One

The new M249 in this game has many differences in comparison with the old one.

#1. Recoil

The first significant change that you can easily see when using this new LGM is the increased recoil. The new one seems to get a nerf in the stability. Therefore, it's harder to control. The vertical recoil is increased a lot. So, you should prepare yourself and try to drag the crosshair down and keep it stable.

New M249 Recoil Min
M249 is harder to control after update 1.4.

#2. Damage

Besides, the new version of M249 has lower damage than the old one. The base damage of the old M249 is 44, but the new one has a bit lower base damage of 40. Therefore, you need more accurate bullets to take the enemy down.

Damge Nerf Min
The base damage also decreases.

Moreover, the rate of fire also gets nerf after the update. Its firing rate is reduced by 17%. It makes the damage per second of the new M249 reduce a lot. Then, the new M249 is weaker than M416. The only thing that makes this gun still used is its large ammo mag.

#3. Magazine

Another obvious difference is the mag size. The new mag size of M249 after the update is reduced from 100 to 75. However, the game developer added a new extended mag for this LMG. It help expands the ammo capacity of this new gun to 150 bullets per load. It allows you to win a 1v4 situation without having to reload ammo.

M249 Extended Mag Min
M249 can hold 150 bullets per load with an extended mag.

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Tips To Use New M249

The new version of M249 is pretty different. Therefore, you should learn some tips to play with this new gun.

  • Use the extended mag to increase the ammo capacity.
  • Spray in crouching or prone pose to reduce the vertical recoil of this gun.
Crouch To Spray
Crouch to spray and reduce vertical recoil.
  • In TDM mode, you can also pick up this weapon in the special spawn location. If you pick it up normally, you will have an M249 with 75 bullets. But if you have an AR extended mag in your backpack, you will have an M249 with 150 bullets.
New M249 Tips
Prepare an extended mag to pick up an M249 with 150 bullets.

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