PUBG New State, a spinoff sequel to PUBG Mobile, was announced back in February 2020. Upon the announcement, fans have shown a lot of interest in this title, both in India and abroad. The pre-registration phase is currently open for all android users, with over 10 million entries in the last few weeks.

Pubg New State
PUBG New State is the first-ever spinoff of the PUBG expanded universe.

In this article, we would showcase more details about PUBG New State, including map name, teaser, pre-reg rewards, and how to pre-register for its beta.

1 - How To Pre-Register For PUBG New State

Currently, PUBG New State is still under development in Krafton, and there is no estimated release date yet. However, pre-regs are usually only put up when the game is about to be released - we can expect good news very soon.

For Android

For now, players can register for the game on Google Play Store using this link. As the game is restricted in China, India and Vietnam for now, you would need a Google account based on a different country to pre-reg for the game. This method can be used to access a lot of games on Google Play and not just this one.

Check out this guide from Google to find out how to change the Region of your account. Players who pre-register for PUBG New State would get a permanent limited vehicle skin. They can claim it once the game is released.

For iOS

Currently, there has not been any info about iOS pre-reg yet. The reason behind this is probably something related to the game's release date. Apple demands companies to put up an expected release date upon creating pre-registration.

Lastly, a region-specific beta test will be held in the next two months.

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2 - About PUBG New State: Graphics and Map

PUBG New State is going to look much prettier than its predecessor PUBG Mobile with a new technology called Global Illumination. Krafton boasts that it would surpass what was previously possible in mobile gaming.

New State isn't going to use the old PUBG Mobile maps like Erangel or Miramar. A new map 8x8 map called Troi was specifically developed for it. With the game's world set in 2051, there are going to be futuristic vehicles and weapons that have never appeared in PUBG before.

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