Genshin Impact is approaching the last two patches of Fontaine. Simultaneously, details about Natlan are surfacing more and more. As of now, you may have seen a number of interesting information regarding the new land. In case you have not been informed, here's a quick recap of what's coming in Natlan Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact players may ride dragons in Natlan?

Can you ride dragons in Genshin Impact? The answer used to be "No" before the possible arrival of Natlan .

A reliable Genshin Impact source rumored that version 4.8 will feature a Hexenzirkel-themed event. The notable event will feature Nilou, Wanderer, Navia, Kirara, and Durin - the ancient dragon that used to threaten Mondstadt.

Regarding this special appearance, they said that players will reportedly be able to ride Durin.

Some reported that this is a preparation step for the upcoming mount system in Natlan. It sounds quite solid as Neuvillette teased during the Archon Quests in update 4.2 that Natlan will "feature two narrative themes: war and dragons".

Ride Dragon Genshin
Can you ride dragons in Genshin Impact? In Natlan, you might have the chance to!

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Natlan map might be smaller than expected

Which country is Natlan based on? According to some sources, Natlan may take inspiration from Spain, the pre-Columbian civilizations of Latin America, and West African cultures.

However, unlike previous nations, Natlan reportedly will focus more on the narrative instead of too much open-world experience.

Statistically, this is something many players wanted in upcoming Genshin Impact updates. Many claimed that they wanted the game to emphasize more on the lore. The fact that Travelers had too many distractions from finding their sibling has even become a famous Genshin Impact meme.

Combing both sources, we may expect a much smaller Natlan map than that in initial leaks.

Natlan Map
Natlan Genshin Impact map created by a user.

If the leaked information is accurate, we get a better hold of how Natlan might be shaped. A worthy data is a region called Remuria may become a notable area where most of the main Natlan story.

5-star banners, new characters and outfits

A source reported that update 4.8 may not feature new 5-star characters. Players are expecting Navia and Wriothesley to have their first rerun in this version.

On another hand, the Pyro Archon and Dragon Sovereign of Natlan are said to be noteworthy characters in Natlan. Players can access the nation via Sumeru Desert's western edges. For those who haven't known, the Dragon Sovereign, aka Xbalanque, may come in the form of a medium male model, tanned skin and either red or white hair.

Most importantly, Natlan Genshin Impact update might also mark the introduction of Sethos and a very important event.

Natlan Genshin Inspiration
Will Natlan design be like this?

That is why you should keep everything up to date with articles! Do make sure to check out the newest content.

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