Arlecchino is a strong Pyro DPS with unique gameplay. It seems to be more complicated to use her kit due to the new Bond of Life mechanism. But you can optimize her power when having proper team comps. Check out how to build a strong team with Arlecchino here.

#1. Shielder Options

To keep Arlecchino alive during combat, you need a shielder like Zhongli. His solid and reliable shield can keep the main on-field DPS Arlecchino safe from deadly attacks from enemies. The Geo Archon also helps boost the output damage of Arlecchino by shredding enemies' elemental resistance.

Layla can be a cheaper alternative if you don't have a strong Geo Archon, but Layla is pretty rare though she is a 4-star character. Thoma can be an ideal option for F2P players.

Arlecchino Genshin Impact 5
Arlecchino needs a shield to stay alive.

#2. Healer Options

Only Bennett and Chevreuse are two ideal options for the healer position in Arlecchino's team. Especially, Bennett CM6 is the best healer for Arlecchino because he can buff her ATK, and Pyro DMG, and recharge energy for her burst. The only disadvantage of Bennett is his limited area of healing.

Bennett C6 Worth Or Not
Bennett C6 is the best Pyro healer and supporter for her team.

#3. Electro Teammate Options

Overload is the best team to build with Arlecchino. Therefore, you need to choose at least one Electro character. It would be better if you have two Electro supporters for Arlecchino's Overload team as they can help her recharge energy for her elemental burst faster.

The following Electro characters will help her team.

  • Fischl;
  • Yae Miko;
  • Beidou.

Pick one or two characters to build Arlecchino's Overload team.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko
Yae Miko can help Arlecchino trigger AoE Overload reactions.

#4. Pyro Teammate Options

Besides, you should have at least one Pyro teammate in Arlecchino's Vaporize and Melt teams and two or three Pyro teammates for the Mono Pyro team. Here are some highly recommended Pyro characters for these teams.

  • Bennett;
  • Xiangling;
  • Thoma;
  • Yanfei.
Arlecchino 1
Arlecchino can carry your team well to win hardcore challenges in Genshin Impact 4.6.

Bonus: How To Use Arlecchino

Overload, Melt, and Mono-Pyro teams are the three best team comps to build with Arlecchino. No matter which team you build, you should follow the rotation below.

  • Unleash her elemental skill to inflict Blood-Debt Directive onto the target.
  • Switch to other characters to release buffs and supporting kits. For example, activating Zhongli's shield or unleashing a Pyro or Electro attack will help Arlecchino deal higher damage to the enemies.
  • After 5 seconds, bring Arlecchino back to the field and unleash her Charged Attack to absorb the Blood-Debt Directive through the Bond of Life.
  • Then, continue to unleash Pyro-infused normal attacks to erode their HP and trigger the desired elemental reactions.
  • If your character's HP runs low, unleash her elemental burst to heal.

Besides, you need to give the new Pyro DPS decent weapons and artifacts. Arlecchino is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact now. Let's build a strong team to utilize her power and fulfill every mission with ease.

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