The world of Teyvat has a rich history with layers of stories about the elements and their genesis. The known characters contribute big time to attracting fans for Genshin Impact, but it’s also the unrevealed Archons that raise talks on various platforms.

Besides the Anemo, the Electro, and Geo Gods, along with the upcoming Dendro Archon, Pyro Archon Genshin Impact is a big myth that players can’t wait to unveil.

What is the name of Pyro God Genshin Impact and what can we expect from this character? Let’s see what the developers have in hand at the moment.

pyro archon genshin impact
Genshin Impact has a rich cast of characters and incredibly detailed lore, and one of the latest is Pyro Archon.

Who is Pyro Archon Genshin Impact?

Contrary to many people's thoughts, Pyro Archon is a girl. She is called the God of War. Pyro Archon Genshin Impact name is Murata.

In Genshin Impact, each Archon rules over an element and their respective city. While Barbatos, Rex Lapis, and Baal are the presidents of Mondtstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma respectively, Murata reigns over the land of Natlan as their battle goddess.

The mention of Pyro Archon in the game goes as below,

"The rules of War are woven in the womb. The victor shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash. When the God of War shares this secret with the Traveler, it is because she has her reasons."

Pyro Archon Design
Is Pyro Archon a girl? Nothing is certain about Murata's look beside the fact that she uses a female vessel.

Although there are currently few references to Murata, she is certainly important as she controls the Pyro element. Her descendants have her strong genes which are red flaming hair and tanned skin. They are reportedly called Muratans.

Murata Genshin Impact weapon

While miHoYo has not confirmed any confirmation regarding the weapon for the Pyro Archon, Honkai Impact 3rd has a character with a similar name and she uses a giant sword. Therefore, chances are Murata can be a Claymore wielder.

On another hand, fans also speculated that Murata may use fists as boxing is a martial art in Natlan.

Murata Weapon
The weapon for Murata is rumored to be either claymore or fist.

For those unknown, she also seems to have a strong temper which usually leads to clashes between her and others. However, the Pyro God Genshin Impact shares a positive bond with Venti. The people of Mondstadt and her Natlan citizens usually engage in peaceful tournaments.

Pyro Archon Genshin Impact rumors

These are some anecdotes you may have not heard of the Pyro Archon Murata.

1. Murata Genshin Impact and Venessa

Vanessa was a Mondstadt hero who lived 1000 years ago. She shared an uncanny resemblance to Murata, which is the reason why she was called the “flame touched Muratan.”

Vanessa used to be enslaved by the tyrannical nobles. With the help of a Ragnvindr knight and Barbatos, among others, Vennessa put an end to the Aristocracy. She established the now City of Mondstadt and the Knights of Favonius, becoming the first Dandelion Knight.

Vanessa Genshin Impact
The fandom says Murata and Vanessa look very much alike.

So far, a lot of what is believed about the Pyro God, even including Pyro Archon Genshin Impact name, remains unconfirmed. Although the timeline of Vanessa’s story in the manga made fans conclude that it is, they can’t be too sure that Murata is her name.

2. Secret connection with Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is another RPG game title created by miHoYo. It’s a fact that Genshin and Honkai are connected on so many levels and this leads to the emerging of many Genshin Impact theories.

Fans have also spotted the same between the Pyro God and a character named Murata Himeko in Honkai 3rd. She also bears flaming red hair and presides the fire elements. Die-hard fans are intrigued whether it is a casual easter egg or the universes are actually connected.

Genshin Archons
When will be the Pyro Archon release date? Genshin Impact players will have to keep waiting.

Will Murata be playable in Genshin Impact?

As Murata is the Pyro Archons, there is a high chance that she will also become playable once her nation has been released.

As per the Teyvat Storyline Trailer, Genshin players know that Act 5 of Genshin Impact will probably feature a strong conflict or even war. The characters will probably be dragged into Murata's unlimited desire for battle, as her fellow Archons Zhongli and Venti describe her as someone in whom "war rages like a flame" and "warmongering wretch.

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