Barbatos Genshin Impact is one of the members of The Seven Gods. Barbatos and Morax are also the only two members who still exist at the start of the game. Most Genshin Impact players know him as the ruler of Mondstadt, the city of freedom, or his mortal guise known as Venti.

However, Barbatos Genshin Impact is a very interesting character in Genshin Impact with many great feats, power, and secrets.

Barbatos Wisp Form
The first form of Barbatos is a wisp-like creature with green and white feathers, a small Diamond on his chest, and a dark face.

1. Barbatos Genshin Impact true form

Gods in Genshin Impact are beings who have power over elemental energy and have a longer lifespan than normal human beings. Just like other Gods, Barbatos Genshin Impact true form was a formless wind spirit. During the rebellion 2,600 years ago, he has a form of a wisp-like spirit known as "the elf". In this form, he is small with green and white feathers, a small Diamond on his chest, and a dark face.

At the moment, Barbatos take the form of Venti to roam around the world although he is mostly seen in Mondstadt. Does Mondstadt know Venti is Barbatos? There are several people who know that Venti is Barbatos, including Jean, Dainsleif, and Diluc.

Venti Genshin Impact
Venti is currently the mortal form of Barbatos to roam around the world.

2. Barbatos Genshin Impact age

Barbatos Genshin Impact age is over 2,600 years old. He was a nameless, formless wisp in Old Mondstadt and formed a bond with the Nameless Bard.

Barbatos is an old God but he is not the oldest one. He is the second-oldest God and still younger than Morax, who is over 6,000 years old.

Barbatos Genshin Impact 3
Barbatos is currently more than 2,600 years old.

3. Is Barbatos strong?

The strength of the Gods in The Seven is directly affected by how the level of control and worship they have over their respective nations. Since Barbatos is the God of Freedom, he gives his people freedom, thus making Barbatos the weakest God among the Seven. Still, people in Mondstadt worship him despite his absence.

Barbatos Genshin Impact 1
Barbatos is the weakest God among the Seven because of how he rules his city.

That being said, Barbatos is not weak at all as he is still one of the 7 Gods who won the Archon War. In The Cataclysm event 500 years ago, he summoned Dvalin and defeated the dark dragon Durin.

4. Barbatos shaped Mondstadt's image

Before Barbatos ruled Mondstadt, the city look like a tundra. Decarabian was the former ruler of Mondstadt. He was a tyrant who often imprisoned people, thinking that he was protecting them. This caused a revolution that overthrow Decarabian.

Barbatos changed Mondstadt into the city of freedom. His influences changed the climate of the city and filled it with flowers and other local specialties. The people in the city have a heavy drinking habit and feel heavily connected to the winds, much like Barbatos himself.

Barbatos Genshin Impact
Barbatos's influence changed the image of the Mondstadt city.

5. Relationship with other gods

Barbato is on good terms with Morax. As for other Gods, it is a different story. He doesn't like Celestia, and said that "the water tastes bad and the fruits are bland." He thinks Murata, the Pyro Archon is annoying and feisty. Just like every other God, Barbato also has a bad relationship with Cryo Archon,...

Barbatos And Morax
Barbato is on good terms with Morax, but not with other Gods in The Seven.

6. Barbatos's idea about freedom doesn't always work

Due to his freedom nature, Barbatos tend to disappear often and let the people in the city live on their own. This cause many members in members of his own church to doubt his existence.

His long absence also caused Mondstadt to fall into a civil war 1000 years ago. The Lawrence Clan became corrupt and oppressive. Barbatos saw this but he only assisted Vennessa in her rebellion to gain back the freedom for the city.

Vennessa's rebellion freed Mondstadt from the reign of the corrupted Lawrence Clan.

7. Barbatos formed the Four Winds

After the event of Vennessa's rebellion, Barbatos entrusted the safety of the city with 4 entities including consist of the Wolf of the North, the Lion of the South, the Dragon of the East, and the Falcon of the West before disappearing again.

In the current storyline, the Four Winds no longer interfere with the affairs of Mondstadt. Only the Grand Masters of the Knights of Favonius is still protecting the gates.

Genshin Impact Jean
Jean, Mondstadt's Lion of the South, is one of 4 entities formed by Barbatos Genshin Impact.

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