Snow-Tombed Starsilver is a 4-star claymore but it's as powerful and useful as many 5-star weapons if you know how to use it correctly. Check out this full guide on how to get and use Snow-Tombed Starsilver Genshin Impact here.

I. Snow-Tombed Starsilver Genshin Impact Stats

Snowtombed Starsilver is a 4-star claymore with a high base ATK of 44 - 565 at levels 1 to 90. Besides, it gives users a huge Physical DMG Bonus of 7.5% - 34.5%. It's the claymore in the Dragonspine Series, and currently among top 10 strongest item in Genshin Impact claymore tier list.

This cool and powerful series also has the Dragonspine Spear and the Frostbearer Catalyst. To increase the power stats of this weapon, you need to upgrade it to the maximum level.

Snow Tombed Starsilver Genshin Impact
Snowtombed Starsilver in Genshin Impact has a high base damage of 565 at level 90.

Here are all the ascension materials you need to collect for Snowtombed Starsilver upgrading.

  • 150,000 Mora.
  • Tile of Decarabian's Tower/Debris of Decarabian's City/Fragment of Decarabian's Epic/Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream: Obtain from Cecilia Garden domain, purchase from Mondstadt Souvenir Shop, or from crafting.
  • Heavy/Black Bronze/Black Crystal Horns: Get from Mitachurls drops and crafting.
  • Slime series: Get from Slime drops and crafting.

Besides, you need to use enhancement ores to level up this weapon. It's recommended to use level-1 and level-2 weapons to upgrade this 4-star claymore to the maximum level.

Ascencion Materials
All ascension materials you need for Snowtombed Starsilver.

II. How To Unlock Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Similar to how to get 4-star weapons in Genshin Impact, there are two ways to get Snowtombed Starsilver, including forging and Ancient Carvings Puzzle chest. Check out how to obtain this claymore with these two methods.

  • Forging

You need to collect enough materials to forge this claymore, including a Northlander Claymore Billet, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 50 pieces of Starsilver. Then, go to see the blacksmith NPCs in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma in Teyvat to forge this weapon. Alternatively, you can also make this weapon at the Open-Air Workshop in the Serenitea Pot.

Snow Tombed Starsilver Genshin Impact
You need to collect enough materials to ascend and upgrade this claymore after obtaining it.
  • Ancient Carvings Puzzle chest

You need to solve this puzzle in Dragonspine's Glacial Secret exploration objective. During the exploration, players have to solve an Ancient Carvings Puzzle to get a chest that contains this 4-star claymore.

After obtaining it, you should use enhancement and ascension materials to level it up to level 90. Not only the base ATK and Damage bonus increase but its appearance is also upgraded.

Ancient Carvings Puzzle Chest
Get this claymore by solving the Ancient Carvings Puzzle in Dragonspine's Glacial Secret exploration objective.

III. Snow-Tombed Starsilver Best Character

After getting Snowtombed Starsilver from forging or chest, you can equip it for any Claymore users in Genshin Impact. But this 4-star claymore will be more powerful and effective when it's in the hand of the best characters. You should equip this claymore for Razor, Chongyun, and Xinyan.

  • Razor

Is Snow-Tombed Starsilver good for Razor? The answer is Yes. This claymore makes enemies affected by Cryo get 200% ATK DMG.

When Razor uses his elemental attacks to apply Electro DMG to these enemies, it can deal huge damage to them with both the DMG bonus of Snowtombed Starsilver and the Superconduct elemental reaction. You should use the Bloodstained Chivalry and Pale Flame artifact sets to build Razor's main DPS role with this claymore.

Razor Claymore
Build Razor's main DPS role with Bloodstained Chivalry and Pale Flame artifact sets and Snowtombed Starsilver.
  • Chongyun

Chongyun is a powerful 4-star Cryo character who can play both DPS and Sub-DPS roles in your team. Snowtombed Starsilver is one of the best weapons for him because this claymore deals 200% ATK DMG to enemies affected by Cryo. Therefore, Chongyun's normal and charged attacks will cause higher DMG to opponents after he applies the Cyro element on them by his elemental skill and burst.

Chonyun Claymore
Snowtombed Starsilver is one of the best weapons for a powerful 4-star Cryo character like Chongyun.
  • Xinyan

You can also equip this claymore for Xinyan - a Pyro character. Her Elemental skill and burst can cause the Melt reaction on enemies affected by the Cryo element to increase the DMG bonus. This claymore is one of the best weapons for her DPS build.

Xinyan Claymore
One of the best claymores for Xinyan is Snowtombed Starsilver.

IV. Snow-Tombed Starsilver Vs Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic is also a 4-star claymore with the same base damage as that of Snowtombed Starsilver. While the Prototype is good for all claymore users, Snowtombed Starsilver is only good for a few characters.

However, if you need to choose the better claymore for Razor, Snowtombed Starsilver is still the priority. Therefore, you need to build a proper team and choose the best user to make Snowtombed Starsilver more effective and powerful.

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