While the majority of Genshin Impact daily commissions requires players to eliminate some Hilichurls or Mages, the Poetry Exchange quest will task you with something more pacifist. In this quest, you must help a little girl named Ella Musk who says she has found a new way to communicate with the Hilichurls in Mondtstadt.

Fans can learn a ton about the Hilichurlian language and even exchange a poem with these guys. This commission even has a secret achievement that players can learn about here.

In this secret Mondstadt achievement, you can learn a lot about the Hilichurlian language and can even exchange a poem with them. Here’s how you can complete the Poetry Exchange Genshin Impact quest.

Yo Lada Poetry Exchange
Here's how to complete the Poetry Exchange achievement.

How to get secret achievement Poetry Exchange Genshin Impact

To receive this commission, the player has to complete the Language Exchange first. The Poetry Exchange will assign you to speak to Ella Musk and hear her new plan to communicate with the Hilichurls.

Afterward, you will get some draft lines of Hilichurlian Poetry which give you the chance to talk to the nearby Hilichurls. Follow these steps to complete the commission:

1. Speak to Ella Musk

Ella is a researcher often seen in Mondtstadt commissions. She usually briefs you on new Hilichurl-involving missions which take quite a short time to finish.

In the Poetry Exchange Genshin Impact achievement, you shall get some Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry. They will show both negative and positive statements and what you need to do is choosing the positive ones.

Ella Musk
Talk to Ella Musk.

2. Go to the Hilichurl

Three Hilichurls will be seen sitting close to a hut in Starfell Valley, near where Ella Musk stands. You can approach them without caution because they usually won’t attack.

Once you get close, you may accept the prompt to start exchanging poetry. As this is the last stage before the real test, you have to make sure you are good at Hilichurlian.

Poetry Exchange Hilichurls
You will then meet these 3 Hilichurls.

3. Recite Poetry to the Hilichurl

This is the most essential part of the commission. Supposed that you successfully complete it, you will be able to get the "Yo dala?" achievement. Genshin Impact players have to enter the correct answers in order not to make the Hilichurls angry.

And the Poetry Exchange right answers are:

  • Celi dada, Mimi nunu
  • Ye dada!
  • Muhe ye

Players can choose the sentences in aby order. Other options besides the above will lead to the anger of the Hilichurls and you will have to fight them. Although you can still collect the rewards afterward, you cannot gain the achievement in this case.

Poetry Exchange Right Answers
Make sure to pick the Poetry Exchange right answers so you can get the "Yo lada!" secret achievement.

The achievement is one of the factors that get you the highly valued name card that lots of fans have tried to gain ever since the release of the game. Therefore, make sure you can do the Poetry Exchange right. Although Genshin Impact’s commissions are diverse, this one is especially unique.

You can also refer to Genshin Impact daily check-in for more rewards without the need to complete challenging quests.

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