Genshin Impact is preparing for the Christmas season. And while not much has been released regarding how players can benefit from the events, some players have already created a cult that takes over the game and its users.

Follow our article to see what is going on and what you can expect from Genshin Impact Christmas 2021.

1. Genshin Impact Christmas PFP Cult

Recently, a number of users have formed a so-called “Christmas Cult” and it’s flooding across multiple platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

The cult expands as the Genshin Impact community takes turns to change their profile picture to the Genshin character of choice wearing Santa hats. Apart from this pfp cult, fans have also created fan-arts of characters in the winter festival theme.

Genshin Impact Christmas Pfp
It all started from a couple of sample pictures for Genshin characters.

This "Christmas Cult" is a way for fans to express their thrill for the game, which will probably feature some sort of Christmas content as it did for Halloween. Although the game has not released new content for the season, players are doing the most to stay festive.

Some influencers have also joined the trend and changed their profile pics in support of this player-made celebration.

Genshin Christmas Pfp
The user has created a slew of Santa hat-wearing PfP for others to use.

2. Genshin Impact Christmas Rewards

It is worth noting that the 2.3 update will introduce the Dragonspine winter region and the Shadows Amidst the Snowstorm event where Genshin Impact users create snowmen and more.

The Genshin Impact 2.3 update is expected to be introduced on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

Dust and Shadowed Snow - Genshin Impact Christmas 2021

A leaker revealed that the upcoming event will continue what the similar event last year left off. Referred to as “Dust and Shadowed Snow”, the event will reportedly include some challenges like snowman making, training, and boss fights that reward some special currency. As usual, players can exchange this currency to get special rewards.

While these will all happen in the area of Dragonspine, the alleged entry requirements are quite low:

  • Adventure Rank 20
  • Complete "For a Tomorrow Without Tears"
  • Finish "Traveler Observation Report" and "Lost in the Snow"
Xmas Event Leaked
Some leaked images for Genshin Impact Christmas calendar event.

The leak also showed a bunch of events planned during the celebration:

  • Born of Snow - Snowman building event
  • Dragonspine Special Training - Series of training events that contains combat and agility training
  • Rise of the Boss (reported name) - Fight a huge Cryo Whopperflower

Dust and Shadowed Snow rewards

So far, the only reported reward that we know is a 4-star sword called Cinnabar Spindle. Like Dodoco Tales from the Midsummer event, players will be able to get refinement materials by purchasing with the event currency or after completing quests.

Cinnabar Spindle
Cinnabar Spindle is said to be one of the rewards for the Christmas event in Genshin Impact 2021.

About the Cinnabar Spindle, below are its stats:

  • Attack: 41
  • Secondary stat: Defense (15)
  • Refinement: Elemental Skill damage increases by 40% of the user's defense

3. Genshin Impact Christmas Gift

A Genshin Impact Christmas calendar can be a good gift for a hard-core fan. However, more game-inspired merchandise has also started to become accessible. If you want to have more ideas to cover all the Genshin gift-giving needs, you can take some recommendations from our list:


One of the easiest and most meaningful gifts one can give a Genshin Impact player is Primogems. Just find out what platform they are using to play the game, purchase a gift card that would add money to their account. Check out an easy breakdown of the money you can buy in the world of Genshin Impact: Your friends will be thrilled to receive the very valuable Primogems.

  • $5 - Welkin of the Moon
  • $10 - Battle pass
  • $30 - Ten Pull
  • $215 - Guaranteed Five-Star
  • $430 - Guaranteed Banner Character
Genshin Primogem
Your friends will be thrilled to receive the very valuable Primogems.

Character Figure

Besides Paimon, Klee is the first unit out of the cast to have a figure. The gorgeous figure is detailed and flawless for those who are collecting luxury figures or just starting to take up the hobby.

If you want more money-saving choices, you can look for mini-figures. They are gachapon sized and cheaper than Klee, making them easier to collect. One can expect to pay about $100 for the entire set.

Klee Figure
This Klee figure costs around $330, so you can choose mini-figures as a more saving gift.


In case you are into something fluffier, you can opt for one in the pool of Genshin Impact plushies. There are currently many choices including a Guoba doll, a Paimon doll, a Morax doll, a Jumpty Dumpty doll, and even one of the whales from Childe boss fight in the Golden House.

Acrylic Stands

In the world of merch collecting, acrylic stands are newer and are becoming quite widespread as they are cheaper and do not take up as much room as scale figures. Almost every character in Genshin Impact has their own acrylic stand. The price is usually not more than $20.

For the unknown, miHoYo has released themed stands for the exclusive anniversary concert series as well as chibis acrylics of Ganyu and more for very cheap costs.

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