Many regions in the Teyvat world are equally large and contain secrets that just wait to be uncovered. Inazuma is the latest added region in the game and you may have overlooked not one but several hidden treasures somewhere.

Apart from hunting treasure chests and collecting local specialties, you also come across hidden quests that require speaking to an NPC and finding certain items. To get a lot of Primogems, Mora, and more materials, see these Inazuma hidden quests that you may have missed.

1. Clean House

Players may not encounter this World Quest as it is situated on Watatsumi Island, the place that can be ignored while you are busy digging Tsurumi Island. You can unlock Clean House after having done the 'Omnipresence Over Mortals' Archon Quest.

This task is not challenging at all. You just have to speak to Shizuru in Sangonomiya Shrine and beat some enemies up to complete the quest. And the rewards are quite worthwhile with 30 Primogems.

Clean House
You can do this task quite effortlessly.

2. Reminiscence of Seirai

Players can only trigger this quest after finding a quest item named 'Picture Commemorating Seirai Island”. Just head to a small shrine in Fort Hiraumi on Seirai Island and you shall find it near there.

In Reminiscence of Seirai, your task is to take a picture of four different spots in Seirai Island with the camera from Paimon's Menu. You will complete the quest after the taken images have been assigned to Oda Tarou in Inazuma City.

The reward for this World Quest is also 30 Primogems.

Reminiscence Of Seirai
Take 4 pictures as required and you will get 30 Primogems.

3. Fertilizer... Salesperson?

Another one in the list of Inazuma hidden quests is “Fertilizer... Salesperson?”. The reason why you may miss it is you have to complete Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Story Quest 'Warriors' Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing' first.

The Traveler only has to defeat normal enemies like Slime and speak to NPCs to get the quest complete. Although there is no Primogem for this mission, you will get 5 Hero's Wit and 20,000 Mora.

Fertilizer Salesperson
Not just Primogems, Mora and Hero's Wit are also worthhwhile!

While waiting for Genshin Impact 2.3 update, players can do World Quests like these or take part in events like Dreams of Bloom to get Primogems and other prizes.

4. Sinister Instruction

This hidden quest can also be seen after you have completed several tasks beforehand. Sinister Instruction can be unlocked after the player pays respects to the Outsider Shrine 3 times in 3 real-time days.

You can find this shrine northwest of Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki's location.

Sinister Instruction
Pay respects to the Outsider Shrine 3 times in 3 days in real time to unlock Sinister Instruction hidden quest.

On the fourth day, Washizu will attack you after you paid respect to the altar. Take him down to get the World Quest. The job is quite straightforward as you just have to head to Higi Village and dig the torch-marked location and reveal the treasure chest.

5. The Narukami Trail

Among the Inazuma hidden quests, you can unlock this task by completing daily commissions in Asase Shrine on Seirai Island. As not all players are lucky to get the rewarding commissions,  many may not have completed the Narukami Trail World Quest.

However, you don’t need to rush as its rewards are limited to Mora, Adventure EXP, and Hero’s Wit.

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