Spending her childhood reading military treatises from Teyvat, Sangonomiya Kokomi grows up being a talent of strategy and can outwit enemies with genius stratagems. The 5-star Hydro wielder and Barbara have a lot in common, but Kokomi can be more than just a healer.

Not all healers in the game are appreciated for their talents. However, the tables may be bound to turn as her abilities indicate that Kokomi Genshin Impact can be a monster with powerful vigor despite her cute look.

The "pink girl in Genshin Impact" is tougher and much stronger than how she looks.

Kokomi Genshin banner release date

The 2.1 update Livestream has revealed that the banner of Kokomi will be a featured one for the version. Officially, Kokomi banner was released on September 21 at 6:00 PM UTC+8, right after the Raiden Shogun banner expired. It concluded on October 12, 2021, at 2:59 PM UTC+8.

Players have also been guessing over the characters to be featured alongside her. Rumor has it that Xingqiu and Fischl might be the candidates as they were not featured for a long time and they can be the formidable support for Kokomi.

Moreover, Everlasting Moonglow, the personal weapon of Kokomi, were also up for grabs on the weapon banner.

Kokomi Leak
The 2.1 Livestream announced that Kokomi will be getting her own Story Quest!

Kokomi Genshin Impact skills

Here’s every information we have gathered so far.

1. Normal Attack: The Shape of Water

Her normal attack can roll out up to three successive attacks that look like swimming fish, dealing Hydro damage. Kokomi’s charged attack, meanwhile, can take in a specific amount of stamina to charge a Hyfro damage range after a brief casting time.

Gathering the Hydro might, Kokomi can plunge towards the field from mid-air, attacking all enemies in her path. The plunging attack also deals an area of Hydro effect upon impact with the ground.

Kokomi Ability
The 5-star Hydro character will deal attacks in fish forms.

2. Elemental Skills: Kurage’s Oath

Kokomi Genshin Impact owns Kurage’s Oath which can summon water-made “bake-kurage”, healing her active allies. Using this ability will apply Wet status on the character.

Moreover, it can deal Hydro damage to opponents close by based on Kokomi’s maximum HP.

Genshin Impact Kokomi

3. Elemental Burst: Nereid’s Ascension

This elemental burst is a self-steroid in the game. Nereid’s Ascension grants Kokomi a "Ceremonial Garment," which enhances her DPS abilities.

Firstly, she can walk and sprint on water like it was hard ground (although Kokomi can also die from fall damage). Secondly, the max HP will add a small amount to her Normal Attacks, Elemental Skill, and Charged Attacks DMG (vary due to talent levels).

Genshin Impact Kokomi
The skill that makes her special is that she can run on water.

Best build for Kokomi

For the unversed, apart from being probably one of the best Genshin Impact healers, she also works perfectly as a 5-star DPS.

1. Kokomi Genshin weapon

The signature weapon of Kokomi is known as Everlasting Moonglow or Fumetsu Gekka. It is a 5-star Catalyst weapon with a 46-base ATK. The secondary stat is HP whose original value is 10.8. At level 90, the weapon has 49.6 HP and 609 Base ATK.

While Everlasting Moonglow boosts the user’s Healing Bonus by 10 percent, the normal ATK DMG is as well increased by 1 percent of your Max HP. After utilizing an Elemental Burst, your Normal Attacks will regain 0.6 Energy (if they hit) in the following 12 seconds. Characters can get Energy every 0.1 seconds this way.

Kokomi Weapon
The signature weapon for Kokomi Genshin Impact is Everlasting Moonglow.

At the highest Refine Level, the healing Bonus hikes up to 20 percent. While the normal ATK DMG bonus goes up to a rate of 3 percent, everything else remains unchanged.

Kokomi does specialize as a Catalyst character and she can bombard the foes with incredibly destructive ranged attacks. To maximize her potential, you can also use Prototype Amber or Skyward Atlas as a Kokomi Genshin weapon.

The latter is also used in building Mona, Klee, or Yanfei.

2. Kokomi best artifacts

The best set of artifacts that work for Kokomi must be those that can increase her Hydro damage and healing. You can use Maiden Beloved or Heart of Depth.

Players can either make their full sets or do some mix and match to craft their own flawless combination.

Maiden Beloved
Maiden Beloved artifact

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Kokomi ascension materials

The complete list of materials required to ascend the 5-star hydro user, Sangonomiiya Kokomi, is:

  • Varunada Lazurite Sliver: you can loot it from any level of Oceanids.
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment: defeat Lv. 75 Oceanid and you will obtain it.
  • Spectral Husk: drop from the enemy named Specters.
  • Varunada Lazurite
  • Varunada Lazurite Gemstone: beating Lv. 75 Oceanid to get the gemstone.
  • Spectral Heart: beat Specters and you'll be good to go.
  • Spectral Nucleus: hunt down Specters.
  • Sango Pearl: find them the reefs under the Sangonomiya Shrine and Suigetsu Pool.

Most of Kokomi ascension materials are new and available in Genshin Impact after the 2.1 updates.

Apart from Kokomi, other new characters such as Baal, Kujou Sara, have been garnering a lot of attention. Make sure you can stay updated with the latest articles on Gurugamer.com

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