Kokomi is the latest Hydro Catalyst user in Genshin Impact. She is one of the most unique characters in the game, the only one who does not have the inability to crit whatsoever. In this article, we are going to showcase the best teams for Kokomi in Genshin Impact.

1 - Kokomi's skills, constellations and playstyle

As Kokomi Genshin Impact is a new character, we will briefly go through her skill, constellation, and general strategy first.

Kokomi Skills

  • Her elemental skill summons a jellyfish that heals and deals Hydro damage in an AoE.
  • Kokomi's burst infuses her with Hydro and makes all her attacks heal allies. Refreshes the cooldown of elemental skill. This makes her one of the best healers in Genshin Impact.
  • All her abilities, both damage and heal, scale based on Kokomi's MAX HP.
Genshin Impact Kokomi
It is not hard to find the best teams for Kokomi as she is a great healer.

Kokomi Constellation

Overall, her constellation revolves around her burst and her ability to deal damage with it activated. C1, c4 and c6 are the most important:

  • C1 - At Water's Edge allows Kokomi to release an attack with massive damage after completing a combo while under Burst form. It deals up to 30% of her MAX HP as Hydro damage. This is why she is not allowed to crit, as this ability would be the strongest attack in the game.
  • C4 - The Moon Overlooks the Waters allows Kokomi to restore her energy by herself while in Burst form. This deals with Kokomi's biggest weakness and allows her to trigger bursts more frequently.
  • C6 - Sango Isshin simply gives Kokomi even more Hydro damage.
Kokomi Burst
Genshin Impact Kokomi unleashing her Burst

Kokomi Strengths

  • Kokomi can perform decently in all 3 roles: DPS, support and healer.
  • Her skills are easy to build items around - you only need Max HP.

Kokomi Weaknesses

  • Burst has a huge energy cost (70) while Kokomi can't regain that amount of energy efficiently.
  • Inability to crit makes her damage potential lackluster compared to other damage dealers.
  • The Jellyfish is immobile and can only be relocated by recasting.

2 - Best teams for Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Premium Team: Kokomi + Ayaka + Venti + Raiden Shogun

  • Kokomi's main role in this lineup is to be a sub-dmg support. She triggers reactions by spreading Hydro, allowing your main DPS to push out big damage. During her burst, however, you can switch her in for some decent damage.
  • Ayaka is the main DMG dealer, freezing Wet enemies and deal massive Cryo damage.
  • Venti is the CC control, gather enemies, debuff them and spreading even more Hydro.
  • Raiden is the main battery that allows Kokomi to regain energy. Kokomi also allows her to deal Electrocharge damage.


  • Ayaka can be replaced by any Cryo DPS.
  • Venti can be replaced by either Sucrose or Kazuha.
  • Raiden Shogun can be replaced by either Xingqiu or Fischl.

F2p Team: Kokomi + Lisa + Kaeya + Electro Traveler

  • Kokomi enables Electro reactions using her Elemental Skill and becomes the main DPS during her burst.
  • Lisa is the main DPS outside of Kokomi burst, dealing Electro reaction damage to Wet enemies.
  • Kaeya can trigger Cryo to freeze enemies and can also be a battery for the team.
  • Electro Traveler can provide decent off-field electro and additional energy to Kokomi.
Genshin Impact Kokomi Build
Kokomi is not a weak character, she just requires you to build teams and items around her ability

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