Elemental energy fuels the Elemental Bursts of all Genshin Impact characters. Normally, players can accumulate elemental energy by simply playing the game. It is generated during combat and is not hard to come by as every character owns an elemental skill.

However, every player surely wants to maximize their energy gain especially if they aim for clearing high-level missions efficiently. That is when Energy Recharge comes in.

So, what is Energy Recharge Genshin Impact and how can you make the best use of it? Here’s our ultimate guide.

Energy Recharge Genshin Impact
Energy Recharge in Genshin Impact

What does Energy Recharge do in Genshin Impact?

Energy Recharge is the stat that boosts the base energy players obtain from each elemental orb and particle. A higher energy recharge stat allows your character to cast a higher-rate elemental burst.

The base Energy Recharge stat is 100% and the player can increase it with weapons, artifacts, or character ascensions. The best Energy Recharge will be around 150% to 200% as it permits you to freely use the Elemental Burst.

1. What are Elemental Particles?

For those uncleared, Elemental particles are the small light balls you collect to gain Energy for the Elemental Bursts. Elemental Particles grant Energy to the whole party but the on-field character will get the most part.

2. What are Elemental Orbs?

Elemental Orbs are actually the bigger versions of Elemental Particles. They provide the player with more Energy. Usually, you get these from attacking Boss Enemies, such as Hypostasis.

Elemental Orb
Elemental Orb in Genshin Impact

There are 4 consistent ways to produce elemental orbs and particles:

  • Use elemental skill: Characters with a “charged” option generates more energy when you hold the elemental ability instead of only tapping it.
  • Normal Attack: The 4th normal attack will produce 1 energy for the character on the field. However, it does not generate an elemental particle and is not shared among every team member.
  • Attacking monsters: Casting enough damage to an opponent will drop elemental particles as well. Most monsters drop elemental particles when their HP is about 50%.
  • Defeating monsters: Beating a boss will always generate an elemental particle and defeating an elite monster shall give players an elemental orb.

How to get more Energy Recharge Genshin Impact

There are several ways to increase your Energy Recharge Genshin Impact stat: artifacts, weapons, and character ascensions. Below is the breakdown of every method you can use.

1. Energy Recharge Genshin Impact Artifact bonuses

The most effortless way to increase your Energy Recharge in the early game is using the Scholar and the Exile artifact set. These sets both have a 4-star maximum rarity.

Both sets give the following bonus:

Artifact set 2-set bonus 4-set bonus
The Scholar Energy Recharge +20% All party members who have a catalyst or a bow equipped gain 3 Energy.

The effect only occurs once every 3 seconds.

The Exile Energy Recharge +20% Using an Elemental Burst will regenerate 2 Energy for all members (excluding the wearer) every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. The effect cannot stack.
The Scholar and the Exile
The Scholar and the Exile artifact set for Genshin Impact Energy Recharge

These are great choices since players do not have to refine or enhance anything to have the energy charge boosted. However, they are not the most ideal if you want to maximize each character’s stat.

This is when we consider the next method to get Energy Recharge in Genshin Impact.

2. Energy Recharge as the main stat on hourglass slot

In case you have not noticed, there are some main stats that can only be obtained on certain slots. In particular, Energy recharged can only be obtained via the hourglass slot.

It may be a bit of a hassle to look for a 5-star artifact that has this main stat. However, it is worth it as players are not bounded by the limitation of the 4-star artifact.

Hourglass Slot
Hourglass Slot, the only item that can grant you energy recharge for some main stats

3. Energy Recharge weapons

Same to artifacts, weapons can increase the Energy recharge as the primary stat. The more enhancement you invest, the more energy regeneration rate you can boost.

However, due to the rarity of 5-star weapons, you might need to settle for four-star weapons. Check out the list of Energy Recharge weapons and how to acquire them:

Weapon name Type of weapon Rarity How to get
Favonius Warbow Bow 4-star Gacha pulls
Sacrificial Bow Bow 4-star Gacha pulls
Otherworldly Story Catalyst 4-star Gacha pulls
Wine and Song Catalyst 4-star Gacha pulls
Favonius Codex Catalyst 4-star Gacha pulls
Favonius Lance Polearm 4-star Gacha pulls
Skyward Spine Polearm 5-star Gacha pulls
Prototype Grudge Polearm 4-star Crafted
Favonius Greatsword Claymore 4-star Gacha pulls
Skyward Pride Claymore 5-star Gacha pulls
Sacrificial Greatsword Claymore 4-star Gacha pulls
Favonius Sword Sword 4-star Gacha pulls
Skyrider Sword Sword 3-star Gacha pulls
Skyward Blade Sword 5-star Gacha pulls
Sacrificial Sword Sword 4-star Gacha pulls
Energy Recharge Weapons
Energy Recharge weapons in Genshin Impact

Note: Sacrificial weapons can perform even better than a five-star weapon thanks to their effects.

At level 1 refine, it has a 40% rate to reset your character’s elemental skill. This lets you generate elemental two times more quickly if it triggers.

4. Energy Recharge from artifact sub-stat

In most cases, gaining a 200% energy recharge from artifacts and weapons is ample for your support. But if you want to head further, you may try to gain energy recharge from the sub-stat.

The sub-stat on all artifacts is random and enhancement boosts the effect of just one sub-stat every 4 levels and it is also random. This makes it the most difficult to enhance your energy recharge.

So unless you have done building all remaining characters on your party, this strategy is not recommended.

Genshin Impact Energy Recharge
Try to gain energy recharge from the sub-stat.

5. Characters ascension

Another way to increase your Energy Recharge Genshin Impact stat is character ascension. Some characters can give a boost to the energy recharge during their ascension. They are:

They work the best when you case the elemental burst at a more superior rate. So it is recommended to further increase their energy recharge stat.

Venti Mona
Character ascension can also help you to get energy recharge.

Tricks to recharge energy faster in Genshin Impact

Now that we have had a thorough insight into how energy recharge works, take on these extra tips will help increase the uptime of your elemental burst even more.

  • When you use elemental abilities, don’t switch to other characters immediately until you obtain the elemental particles they generated. This will guarantee a quicker accumulation of energy. Or else, most particles will be wasted for a character with unmatching elements.
  • Featuring at least two characters of the same element will not only be great for elemental resonance but also energy generation tactics.
  • If you need an elemental burst for a specific character, try switching to that Genshin Impact character when you pop others’ elemental skills. This trick will be even better if you managed to kill bosses on the battlefield or the characters have a similar element.
Switch Characters To Recharge Energy
Switch characters to recharge energy.

Is Energy Recharge good in Genshin Impact?

The Energy Recharge stat is totally worth investing, especially for your support characters. Owning a high energy recharge will considerably increase the uptime of your elemental burst. In turn, this will indirectly boost the character effectiveness of the DPS.

This is especially great for the healers or the characters that deal explosive damage via the elemental burst. Even the main DPS character can also enjoy this stat.

However, it is more recommendable only to have this on a sub-stat, then later change the focus on attack-related stats for the main.

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