Oceanid Genshin Impact has brought a huge challenge into players’ lives to the point that they have to lower World Level to defeat it easily.

You may have faced a lot of bosses along the way in Teyvat, but Oceanid can be one of the most difficult to take down. With the profuse summons and massive AoE damage, it can be a big threat for an unprepared user. However, there do be some tips that can make the boss much easier to conquer, letting you farm for Hydro-spec characters seamlessly.

Oceanid is among the hardest bosses to defeat in Genshin Impact.

Oceanid Genshin Impact location

To spot an Oceanid, you need to head to Qingce Village which is in southwestern Liyue province of Teyvat.

You can also head to the west Mondstadt to find it in a valley. Look for a bubbling location in the ground. Once you are there, the Oceanid Genshin Impact will appear.

Oceanid Location
Where you can find Oceanid of Qingce.

How to beat Oceanid Genshin Impact

The Oceanid does not fail easily as it has a very different style of combat compared to other bosses such as Electro Hypostasis.

Also known as Rhodeia, this floating sea hybrid is a "lifeform created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity." It does not fight you directly but will evade you by subjecting you to its waves of mini-bosses made of water.

Defeating every wave of these Hydro monsters will scrape away the Elite boss’s health until it is finally subdued. As these minions will not give up any soon, these tips to defeat Genshin Impact Oceanid will get you much more prepared for the intense fight.

Oceanid Defeat
Knowing how the boss fights will help you win the battle.

1. Which minions to beat first in Oceanid boss fight?

The Oceanid will send a lot of Hydro minions for you to try and take them down in this battle. Some minions must be the targets on high priority as they can deal much more damage than other counterparts.

Among the Ducks, Crabs, Boars, Fish, and Frogs, the player must watch out for the Frogs who have lots of AoE attacks and the Birds due to their fast dives and height advantages. Moreover, the Crabs also need noticing as they have fast speed and considerable amounts of health.

Bring bow-users or long-range catalyst characters like Venti, Amber, or Tartaglia...

Crab Minion
The minions are all made of water and will attack you with Hydro damage.

2. Avoid Hydro bombs by plunging into the water

Many gamers may not have known this tip to get the Oceanid defeated. If you are stuck between one of the summoned Hydro bombs, you can simply carry out a plunging attack into the body of water nearby to completely dodge the attack.

This strategy can help you avoid a huge damage chunk and will certainly make this boss seem easier to fight.

Plunge Into Water
Plunge into the water to dodge hydro bombs.

3. Use Crystallize reaction

Although Crystallize is an overlooked reaction, it can make the battle against Oceanid impossible to fail. This reaction occurs when the Geo element meets a different element and crafts a crystal on the floor.

Those who pick this crystal up will get shielded against whichever element that made it. As the Oceanid only deals Hydro damage, getting a shield from Geo + Hydro Crystallize will make you unable to damage.

4. Use a tough Electro character

Thanks to its AoE reaction with Hydro, Electro can ease much of the tense for you. Just apply Electro to any minion spawned by Oceanid and there will be an Electro-Charged chain reaction spreading out among the monsters and deal constant damage. Another effect is it will slow down many monsters.

You can make use of these Electro characters: Beidou, Keqing, Lisa, Chongyun, Diona, Fischl, and Sara.

Electro Charged
Use electro characters to make use of their Electro-Charged attacks.

5. Utilize a Cryo Character

Last but not least, Cryo element makes the ultimate choice to deal with everything the Oceanid Genshin Impact tosses at you. As all it summons is Hydro, any Cryo application will freeze them immediately, preventing them from attacking or moving. You can use this duration to reposition, beat all enemies at once, or heal the critically wounded party member.

Using Freeze can make this battle into one of the easiest in Genshin Impact. The Cryo characters you can choose from are Ganyu, Qiqi, Kaeya, Eula, Rosaria, Ayaka, Aloy…

Besides, just have someone like Barbara with your team for healing and you shall be able to revive and keep up.

Cryo characters are also a must.

Rewards for beating Rhodeia: Oceanid drops

Knowing how to beat Oceanid Genshin Impact and managing to do it will reward players with a set of rewards. You will get 200 Adventure XP, some Mora, unique Ascension materials like Cleansing Hearts, Varunada Lazurite shards, and Artifacts from these sets:

  • Berserker
  • Gladiator’s Finale
  • Prayers for Destiny
  • The Exile
  • Wanderer’s Troupe

You will need to roll out 40 Original Resin to claim your rewards. As usual, the rewards get better along with your player rank. Those who want some 5-star items will want to assure that they are leveled up appropriately.

Oceanid Drops
Players will receive exclusive awards after defeating Oceanid.

Above is everything you need regarding Oceanid and how to defeat it. Visit Gurugamer.com for heaps of other strategic guides!

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