With a striking roster of characters, Genshin Impact embraces a whole lot of versatility when it comes to character builds. Usually ranking as an S-tier name, Qiqi is a tad special for the fact that she is a healer with great attack stats.

Although Qiqi Genshin Impact has a seemingly innocent look and a helpful nature, she seems to have her own share of secrets and facts that players might have not known of. See how you can make the most out of this character and the most surprising facts below.

Qiqi Genshin
How old is Qiqi Genshin Impact? What's her best build and how to get her? We have had all of those questions covered.

Genshin Impact Qiqi facts

Qiqi is a mysterious character first introduced during the main story. At the first look, she strikes an impression as a little girl helping out in the pharmacy. She also usually gets confused and is obsessed with coconut milk.

1. How old is Qiqi Genshin Impact?

One of the most frequently asked questions about this playable character is her actual age. According to the game, Qiqi is biologically 8 years old and chronologically 100+.

Qiqi’s true age was a little of a myth due to the fact that she was transformed into a zombie more than a hundred years ago. Since then, her body has not changed and she remains young forever.

2. Is Qiqi rare Genshin Impact?

For those who quiz about Qiqi’s rarity, she is indeed among the rarest characters to get in Genshin Impact. Her combination of cryo and sword make her a fatally cute addition to one’s party.

Is Qiqi rare Genshin Impact
Qiqi is a rare and eternal character who has a mysterious back story.

Qiqi Genshin Impact talents

The best build for Qiqi Genshin Impact will be revealed after we have got to the bottom of her skills and talents.

1. Normal Attack: Ancient Sword Art

With her Normal Attack, Qiqi can deal 5 rapid strikes cap. She can also consume a specific Stamina amount to perform 2 rapid sword strikes at Charged.

2. Elemental Skill: Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost

The zombie girl uses the Icevein Talisman to offer the Herald of Frost that deals Cryo DMG to surrounding foes.

Adeptus Gig Skills
She impresses all gamers with not just her healing but also attack stats.

3. Elemental Burst: Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune

Qiqi unleashes the Adeptus power in her body, marking opponents close by with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman, dealing Cryo DMG.

Each time Qiqi uses an Elemental Burst on the battlefield, it would make all members of the team regenerate health for 2 to 6 seconds.

4. Passive skills

  • Life-Prolonging Methods
  • A Glimpse into Arcanum
  • Former Life Memories

Qiqi Genshin Impact build

Qiqi often appears at the top rank for Genshin Impact character tier lists thanks to her good healing as well as attack stats.

While she is already incredibly stalwart, we still have optimal ways to get Qiqi even stronger.

1. Qiqi's best weapons

Talking about weapons, the most ideal sword for the forever-young girl is Skyward Blade which is also great for building Albedo or Bennett. It can increase her SPD, DMG, ATK SPD, and damage from her charged attacks. However, it is quite rare being a 5-star weapon.

You can find a good substitution in the form of Fillet Blade. The 3-star sword brings forward a 50 percent chance to hit foes for 400% more damage.

Fillet Blade
Fillet Blade can be an alternative if you can't get a Skyward Blade.

2. Qiqi's best artifacts

Bearing in mind that she is mainly a healer, you can equip Qiqi with the Artifacts that give a boost to her healing stats. That is why the Exile Artifacts set is the most matching for this.

Exile Artifacts set not only enhances her ATK but also offers healing bonuses. Players will not have to sacrifice Qiqi's mammoth attack to improve the healing.

Not exaggerating at all, Exile Artifacts is the best of both worlds.

Exile Artifacts
The optimal artifact set to pair with Qiqi must be Exile Artifacts.

3. Qiqi's best team

As the game does not hand users a starter character with incredible healing abilities, it is inevitable to acquire one. This is specifically important later during the game as your opponents will get stronger and toss out more challenges. Qiqi is among the best Genshin Impact healers, which is why many players want her in their team comp.

Qiqi can play both as a healer and a DPS, so this is our recommendation for her best party:

Qiq Venti
Those who have both Venti and Qiqi on their team may be the luckiest players in Genshin Impact considering how rare they are.

How to get Qiqi in Genshin Impact

As she is so rare and the number of people dying to have her is not small, the real challenge is getting Qiqi to begin with.

Currently, we have three ways to get Qiqi:

  • Make a Wish with Acquaint Fate from Wish Menu
  • Make a Wish with Intertwined Fate from Wish Menu
  • Purchase Qiqi from Paimon’s Bargains (only when available)
Qiqi Pull
Currently, players can only gain Qiqi from in-game gacha pulls.

What is worth noting is Qiqi has yet been seen in any special event banner at the moment. Although you may not have the chance to pull her using Intertwined or Acquaint Fate right now, this can change in the future.

So make sure to check in with every game event in order not to miss out. You can stay up-to-date with our regular news and guides on Gurugamer.com.

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