While a DPS in Genshin Impact makes it easier for you to win the game, a healer is the one that makes it harder to lose. In a word, healers like Noelle and the Acting Grand Master Jean will gain you an edge and make a difference between living and dying.

With that being said, knowing how to use these characters is all fans’ interest. Have a look at the Genshin Impact healers tier list of Gurugamer.com and you’ll be good to go.

Barbara And The Traveler
What roles do the Healers play in Genshin Impact?

Roles of Healers in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Healers usually own weak damage and support against enemies. They focus mostly on healing their team. They have these roles in the game.

1. Being Main Healer In Teams

They are meant to back up their teammates with healing abilities. They own the most skilled healing potential while their builds are meant to further enhance the damage.

2. Likely Requiring DPS

As a team full of Healers can counteract you, it is recommended that you put at least one support and one DPS to assist them. The synergy between the characters is also a must to make the best use of them.

3. Being Main Characters

As Genshin Impact Healers are often out on the battlefield, it is best to know your Healer’s entire gameplay.

Mona And Sucrose
Is Sucrose a healer? Is Mona a healer? Our full list will show you.

Is Sucrose a healer? Is Mona a healer? Questions like these often pop up among all players and we have the full list of Genshin Impact Healers to clear the doubts.

Genshin Impact Healers tier list

Genshin Impact healing characters 2021 currently have six names: Barbara, Bennett, Diona, Jean, Noelle, and Qiqi.

Here’s their tier and how they are ranked as the best healer Genshin Impact.

6. Diona (6 - B)

Diona is probably not the most superior healer being an archer with humble healing properties.

Her only benefit is that she can heal others within a period of time. However, the bartender from Cat’s Tail indeed makes a decent support healer or substitute healer.

Her charged attacks, Kätzklein Style, can apply Cryo status which makes her a good initiator for superconduct and melt reactions.

Genshin Impact Diona

5. Bennett (5 - B)

Like Diona, Bennett is not necessarily the topmost healer around. However, the character does bring about more support potential than Diona.

Bennett’s Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, can increase the player’s attack in a certain range. Also, he can do the healing while simultaneously offering strong support. Learn about Bennett best build to make the most of his powers.

Bennett is not the strongest healing unit, but is also not a bad choice.

4. Barbara (4 - A)

She is one of the two free Genshin Impact healers that players often use for specifically healing. In spite of her free status., her skill is the first among those who can be comfortably used as the main healer.

Barbara can offer a revive when her cap constellations are available.

Her attacks, Let the Show Begin, can summon water drops that deal Hydro damage to foes. Her burst – Shining Miracle, and the regular attacks, may also heal every part member depending on the maximum health she has.

Tips: You should concentrate on two of her stats, HP and Attack. Making use of some healing bonus gear can even help further.

Barbara is one of the most mainstream faces in Genshin Impact.

3. Qiqi (3 - S)

Different from Barbara, Qiqi in Genshin Impact can fire some serious Cryo damage to opponents when is off the field, gaining her a considerable edge. As a 5-star unit, she is hard to get and is totally luck-based. She is currently only available in Character Event banners.

She tops when it comes to sheer healing skills so far and it’s her primary set as a character.

Both of her Elemental Skill and Burst, Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost and Preserver of Fortune can offer passive healing. It means you can easily activate her ability and change to another character.

However, a downside she has is the longer time of cooldown compared to that of other healers.

Qiqi is quite hard to obtain among Genshin Impact healing characters 2021.

2. Jean (2 - S)

Genshin Impact Jean is a multi-talented character who can work as a DPS and the main healer.

Her Dandelion Breeze can generate a Dandelion Field to do Anemo damage and launch enemies. She also recreates a massive amount of health for all team members.

When you use Jean, the smart strategy is to focus on attack stats as well as energy recharge boosts. It will assemble more frequent healing from her burst.

1. Noelle (1 - S)

While it might seem peculiar for a four-star to rank higher than other 5-star units, Noelle has a lot to offer and she is no doubt the best healer Genshin Impact.

She plays the part of a defensive Healer, and this makes her stand out amidst the small number of healers in Genshin Impact. Qiqi has pure healing capability, Jean reigns supreme when it comes to offensive prowess.

For starters, both Jean and Qiqi place very close to Noelle in whole usefulness. However, Noelle is the most challenging to take down.

She is excellent with the first constellation. Moreover, the character’s Elemental Skill – Breastplate, can give the rise to a protective stone shield which will deal Geo damage to her enemies.

The scales of damage absorption depend on her defense. Her attack will also most likely regenerate HP for every character in the party.

Noelle is the best healer in the game as of now.

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