Genshin Impact players always wish to get their hands on as many characters as possible. And with more characters to come in the game, we will have even more chances to create the most outstanding team of our own liking.

Meanwhile, the best teams to defeat the Spiral Abyss have been categorized into several kinds such as the National Team, the Melt Team, the Morgana team, etc. But not every player has come to know about the Taser team Genshin Impact.

Though this team comp has just recently been discovered and given a name, it is garnering more enthusiasts for the power that it holds. Let’s take a look at how the Taser team works and who it combines.

What is a Taser team Genshin Impact?

Taking hints from the name, a Taser team will comprise Electro-vision characters and Hydro units. With these units, the team will be played mainly with the Electro-Charged reaction.

Players may also include an Anemo character to increase damage.

To have the most powerful Taser team comp, players should have a great main DPS and effective supporting characters. With the Electro-Charged reaction, this Taser team is becoming more and more used in the Spiral Abyss.

Best Taser team comp

It is basically not hard to build an Electro-Charged team. First, you will need the main DPS who can deal massive damage on the battleground. As they are in charge of triggering the elemental reactions, this character should be able to fight in close vicinity.

Some Genshin Impact characters to play the main DSP can be:

Meanwhile, support characters for a Taser team Genshin Impact should have Elemental Bursts or Charged Attacks that deal constant Hydro or Electro effects.

Taser Team Genshin
Make sure you equip the best Electro and Hydro characters for your Taser team build.

The support characters for a Taser team can be:

It is even better if you have 5-star units such as Kokomi, Yae Miko, or Mona.

A compilation of Taser team Genshin Impact characters

Whatever is considered the best team in the game, in the end, it is up to players, the characters they have, and their playstyle to make up the best roster in their favor.

The Taser team may have Childe and Fischl instead of Kamisato Ayato and Raiden Shogun. Meanwhile, you can also choose additional double resonance instead of dealing reactions and damage.

For example, Anemo characters like Sucrose and Kazuha can offer Swirl damage, CC abilities and more Elemental Mastery for a much great zap.

That's why you should understand your characters and their features in order to get the most powerful team no matter what they say. Below is a comprehensive list of characters that you can use to make your Taser team viable:

Character name Role Element Weapon
Raiden Shogun Main DPS/Sub DPS Electro Polearm
Kamisato Ayato Main DPS Hydro Sword
Cyno Main DPS Electro Polearm
Childe Main DPS Hydro Sword
Razor Main DPS Electro Claymore
Beidou Sub DPS Electro Claymore
Yae Miko Sub DPS Electro Catalyst
Lisa Sub DPS Electro Catalyst
Mona Sub DPS Hydro Catalyst
Venti Support Anemo Bow
Kazuha Support Anemo Sword
Sucrose Support Anemo Catalyst
Kokomi Support Hydro Catalyst
Fischl Sub DPS/Support Electro Bow

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Is Taser team better than other elemental teams?

Each type of Genshin Impact team has its own strengths and weaknesses. It depends on the enemy type that they will lock horns against.

Regarding the Taser Team Genshin, it was said to have the potential to be more commonly used after update 3.0 arrived.

HoYoverse has hinted that Pyro, Electro, and Hydro will be able to create elemental reactions with the new Dendro element. This poses a big potential for the Taser team as we only need a Dendro unit to trigger even more new deadly reactions.

Directly applying Electro on Dendro will trigger a reaction called Aggravate, dealing great DMG to opponents.

Dendro In Taser Team
The Dendro element plays an important part in your party building, so don't hesitate to build characters of this element.

Besides, the Dendro element combing with Kokomi’s Hydro attacks will trigger Dendro Seed. The Seed combined with Electro can apply Bonus Damage on enemies affected.

Will we be able to see any Taser team making it to the top-used teams for Spiral Abyss floor 12? Let’s start building a Taser team of our own and see whether it works out as we expected.

Meanwhile, to learn the best tips for your game, be it Genshin Impact or other titles like Minecraft of Free Fire, don't forget to keep it updated with!

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