Cyno is now officially a part of the Genshin Impact character line and he’s playing a major role in the game’s story. Now that he is being featured as a 5-star character in a new banner, players are queuing to get him into their team.

While Cyno is a powerful character, there are some notices when it comes to using him in the best way possible. Here are mistakes when using Cyno that you should be aware of.

How To Use Cyno
Mistakes when using CYno you must avoid.

1. Forget a battery

One of the mistakes when using Cyno is playing him without a Battery. This is because Cyno may be underwhelming without his Elemental Burst.

The best character to be Cyno’s battery is Dori. She can be both a Battery and a Healer and this perfectly complements Cyno.

In case you don’t want to feature a Battery, you must make sure Cyno has enough Energy Recharge. You can do this by using Polearms providing the Stat such as Skyward Spine, or using enough Energy Recharge.

2. Enhance Cyno Elemental Burst Damage

Knowing which hit is what kind of damage can be a tricky task in the game. For instance, Tartaglia has multipliers on his Elemental Skill, yet players say that his hits are Normal Attacks.

Cyno Normal Attack
Elemental Burst is not something you should over-prioritize for Cyno.

The same problem applies to Cyno. He has his multipliers on his Elementak Burst. However, Cyno’s hits are deemed to be Normal Attacks.

It means if you want to boost Cyno’s Elemental Burst DMG with equipment or support, you will be in trouble.

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3. Underestimate Anemo support

With the current limited number of Genshin Impact Dendro characters, you will soon see that supports like Kazuha, Venti, and Sucrose are just as valuable as Dendro enablers (Collei, Dendro Traveler).

Therefore, you can offer Cyno with these Anemo characters:

To recap, here’s what the Anemo units can offer Cyno:

  • Kazuha: Electro RES reduction, Electro damage buff
  • Sucrose: minor crowd control, Elemental Mastery enhancement, Electro RES reduction, and Electro damage buff (C6)
  • Venti: battery, minor crowd control, Electro RES reduction

4. Disregard boosts for Normal Attacks

As Cyno’s hist in the Burst state is said to be Normal Attacks, players should also boost his damage via artifact set also. For instance, you can pair Cyno Genshin Impact with characters who can offer flat DMG boost to Normal Attack or enhance Normal Attacks damage.

Some Genshin Impact characters who are recommended in this case are:

If you use Yun Jin, you can also bring Zhongli to activate the Resonance.

Mistakes When Using Cyno
Don't forget to enhance Cyno's normal attacks.

5. Play Cyno with no shielder or healer

The last but not least one amongst the mistakes when playing Cyno is not bringing a shielder or healer with Cyno team in Genshin Impact.

Like Raiden Shogun, when entering Burst state, he also has a large resistance to interruption. However, Cyno would hang around for an 18-second eternity. This is why players are easy to forget about the hits Genshin Impact Cyno would get.

To avoid the whole team’s demise, you should use healers and shielders that do not restrict Cyno in an area and can protect him for a long while.

You can use some of these units:

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