The Cryo nation will be the last region to be unlocked in Genshin Impact as leaked. Let's explore why Cryo archon hunts for GNOSIS before we can explore more stories about this nation and archon.

Who Is Cryo Archon?

Cryo Archon is one of The Seven Archons who administer seven nations in Teyvat. She is also the leader of Fatui with eleven powerful Harbingers and lots of cat's-paws appearing all over seven nations in Teyvat. That's why you will encounter a lot of Fatui members when exploring Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru.

Tsaritsa Genshin
Tsaritsa is the Cryo archon.


Gnosis is the special Vision of The Seven. It gives them power and special abilities. But it also connects them with Celestia and they receive the energy from the world of archons above the sky. Tsaritsa is one of the Seven, so she also has a Gnosis which gives her the power of the Cryo element.

Gnosis Genshin
Gnosis is the proof of an archon.

Why She Hunts For Gnosis?

Gnosis is proof of an Archon's status. According to the story and cutscenes of the game, Tsaritsa is hunting for these items. According to some leaks and hypotheses of gamers, she wants to collect all Gnoses and destroy them at a time.

It seems that she wants the break the resonance between The Sevens and Celestia. Though they receive energy from Celestia by Gnosis, The Seven archons are also controlled by the power from the world in the sky. Gnosis also symbolizes the contract between The Seven and the gods in Celestia.

Tsaritsa Genshin Impact
Gnosis hunt of Tsaritsa may result in a war.

This action will do good for the other six archons in The Seven in Teyvat, but it's not good for the gods in Celestia. But it's also a threat to the Cryo nation - Snezhnaya. The fall of Khaenri'ah is an example when its strong development threats to Celestia. But she still chooses to sacrifice herself and her nation to save the whole Teyvat from the control of Celestia.

It's the most believed hypothesis about the Gnosis hunt of Tsaritsa. Cryo archon used to be recognized as the God of Love and "a gentle soul that had to harden herself". Many people are deeply devoted to her though she may engulf the world in war. Because she believes that that inevitable war will bring eternal peace to Teyvat.

Gnosis Hunt
Fatui harbingers are hunting for Gnosis for her.

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