Genshin Impact is an interesting role-playing game with a long attractive story. Seven archons in Teyvat, also known as The Seven, presided over seven nations in this continent. Here are things you need to know about The Seven in Genshin Impact.

Who Are The Seven Genshin Impact?

The Seven is the shorted name of seven archons in Teyvat. Each archon can control and master an element, and they rule the nation of their elements.

For example, the Electo archon, Baal or The Raiden Shogun, rules Inazuma - the nation of Electro. These archons also live longer than normal people in this game world. In the past, all archons in Teyvat roamed around this map.

Statue Of Anemo Archon
You can find the Statues Of Seven all over Teyvat.

However, Archon Wars broke out all over the continent where these archons fight for the seven highest archon positions in Celestia. After proving their power and ability, the seven best archons are chosen to be one of The Seven. They control this continent together by dividing it into seven nations.

Each nation owns the power of one element. Seven Archons also have Gnosis that represents their respective elements. It lets the Seven obtain the supernatural power of Celestia to protect their nations. Once the Gnosis is stolen, it may lead to a bad consequence. Moreover, it's leaked that Genshin Impact The Seven can hear the Celestia due to their weak connection with this secret floating island.

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Three Archons Have Appeared
Only three archons of The Seven are known.

All Members Of The Seven

Seven members of The Seven Genshin Impact have different powers and control different elements. Up to now, only three of them have appeared in the archon quests of Venti, Zhongli, and Baal. They come from three unlocked nations in Teyvat, including Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

Below is the full list of seven archons in Genshin Impact The Seven.

  • Barbatos

Barbatosalso known as Lord Barbatos, is the Anemo God in Teyvat. He was one of the seven archons who got the ultimate victory and become a member of The Seven. His statues are scattered all over Mondstadt.

You need to collect Anemoculus and upgrade his statue and get lots of benefits. The current persona of the Anemo God is Venti, one of the playable characters in this game. His divine idea is Freedom.

Genshin Impact Venti
Venti is the current persona of the Anemo God.
  • Morax

Morax is the Geo God whose current persona is Zhongli, a 5-star Geo character in Genshin Impact. Travelers need to obtain Geoculus scattered over Liyue to offer under his statue in this nation.

The local alias of Morax is Rex Lapis. The divine idea of this Geo God is Contracts.

Zhongli Genshin Impact
Zhongli is the current persona of the Geo God Morax.
  • Baal/The Raiden Shogun

This archon is also known as The Raiden Shogun, is the Electro God. She presides over the land of Inazuma nation in Teyvat. Baal is one of the most powerful playable archons characters in Genshin Impact now. She uses a long sword to attack.

The Raiden Shogun is also the one who started the Vision Hunt Decree in her country that raised a civil war. As she is among the most dangerous bosses in this game, it's very challenging for even veteran players to win in the Baal boss fight.

Baal is also known as The Raiden Shogun who rules the nation of Electro element in Genshin Impact.
  • The Tsaritsa

The Cryo Archon is unknown but we used to talk about her in the article about Fatui. The Tsaritsa, also known as the Queen of Ice, is the leader of this antagonist army force. Besides, this secret boss presides over the frozen land Snezhnaya.

Cryo Archon
The Cryo Archon is the Queen of Fatui.
  • Kusanali

Kusanali is also known as God of Wisdom or Dendro Archon. She rules the Dendro nation Sumeru that will be unlocked after Inazuma.

Kusanali is also the youngest archon in The Seven Genshin Impact who is only around 500 years old while Morax is over 6,000 years old. She is widely loved in her nation. Citizens in Sumeru also celebrate her birth annually in the Sabzeruz Festival to thank her for her protection. 

Dendro Archon
The ideal divine of Dendro Archon is Wisdom.
  • The God of Justice

The God of Justice rules the nation of Hydro element - Fontaine. It's also the fifth nation to be unlocked in Teyvat according to Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail. This country is likely based on a Western nation.

Further details about the Hydro Archon as well as her nation are still unknown. The game publisher miHoYo plans to unlock all nations in 2025. Therefore, we need to wait for more information about these archons.

Seven Archons
The Hydro Archon is still unknown.
  • Pyro Archon

The Lady of Fire is the Pyro Archon. She has the great power of the Pyro elements and presides over the nation Natlan - the nation of Pyro element. Her ideal divine is War. She believes that the losers will be turned to ash while the winner will burn bright. Pyro nation will be released in Act V of Teyvat's storyline.

Stay updated to get the latest information about these Gods. Their story will relate directly to the Archon quests and the main story of this game. The full story of this game will be unlocked completely in 2025, according to miHoYo's plan.

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