FATUI is an overwhelming military force in Tevyat. They take the control of the Snezhnaya frozen land. This villain force has a great impact on the main story of this game. Let's learn about Genshin Impact FATUI to know who they are.

What is Genshin Impact FATUI?

Fatui is a delegation of diplomats of Snezhnaya land in Genshin Impact. They come from the Zapolyarny Palace in this frozen land. This antagonist force is managed by Tsaritsa - the queen of the Snezhnaya land. Besides, there are eleven harbingers of Fatui who lead different units in this force.

Queen Tsaritsa Is Unknown
Tsaritsa - the Queen of Fatui is still unknown.

Fatui and Abyss Order are the two main antagonist forces in Genshin Impact. While Abyss Order is the antagonist force of monsters, Fatui's members are all human.

This organization is also a great threat to other nations on this continent. They have the strongest warriors, the most influential politicians, and the richest businessmen. Therefore, other countries on Tevyat cannot defeat them. The 5-star character Tartaglia is also a member of this organization.

Eleven Fatui Harbingers

These Fatui Harbingers manage different units of this organization. They spread over Tevyat to do secret orders of the frozen Queen Tsaritsa. These harbingers are also dangerous enemies of travelers in this game. They will sneak into the leaderboard of Mondstadt and Liyue and disseminate the embezzlement and steal their powers.

La Signora Genshin Impact
Signora is the 8th Harbinger with Cryo element.

The Queen Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon of the Seven. Under the Queen, 11 harbingers will receive the orders and work for her with the greatest loyalty. When a Fatui member becomes a harbinger, they get stronger and richer.

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Tartaglia Fatui
Tartaglia is the only playable Fatui character in this game.

Signora is the eighth harbinger of Fatui and Tartaglia is the eleventh one. Most Genshin Impact travelers have ever seen them. The sixth harbinger Scaramouche also appeared in the main story in the quest "The Crisis Deepens".

Scaramouche is the 6th Fatui Harbinger.

Other harbingers are Pulcinella, Pedrelino, Dottore, Pantalone, Sandrone, and Capitano. The two last harbingers are still unknown. Most of them haven't appeared in the main story of the game up to the latest update. Keep updated to know other harbingers of Genshin Impact FATUI when they are introduced in this game.

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