Genshin Impact has some professional skills that even veterans don't know. Check out the top 3 advanced Genshin Impact techniques that you still ignore. They will help you improve your gameplay.

#1. Elemental Calculation

This feature lets you understand how to use elemental skills and elemental effects well. Then, you will know how to cause more damage to the opponents. You also know whether the elemental skill or the elemental burst is more deadly. Besides, you also know how to cause the strongest elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Elemental Skills
Genshin Impact elemental reactions give you unexpected outcomes.

For example, you can cause three Melt reactions from the Cryo element when using Bennett, Rosaria, and Kaeya. If you switch to use Rosaria's skill after using the elemental skill of Bennett to cause the Melt reaction, and then switch to Kaeya to release his cryo skill, the result is insane.

Elemental Dmg Buff
Calculate the DMG to use elemental reactions better.

The Elemental Gauge technique also lets you know how long the effect lasts. Calculate the DMG is hard but it helps you choose the best reactions to make and how to build the best team with the greatest power to clear enemies faster.  You can learn the best team from pro players but sometimes you need to build it yourself because you don't have the recommended characters.

#2. DMG Buff

This is a hidden mechanism in Genshin Impact. You will lose a great chance to buff DMG for your deployed skills. It also reduces the DMG of some elemental skills, such as the Raven of Fischl, Pyronado of Xiangling, or Pillar of Zhongli. In fact, over two-thirds of Genshin Impact characters have deployable skills that you can buff DMG by Snapshotting.

Best Element Combo
You can know the right order of skills from real-time combat.

It means that if you are aware of this technique, your gameplay will be much better. Its mechanism is pretty simple but boring to learn deeply. You should learn to use it in real-time combat. Let's keep an eye on the DMG when you switch characters in order to get buffed. If the DMG increase, it means that the buff works.

Aoe Damage
The right order of skill will give out the best results.

If the DMG stays the same or gets lower, don't use it next time. For example, when you switch to Bennett after use Xiangling's Pyronado, you will see no increase in the DMG. However, if you use Bennett's burst before Xiangling's skill, the result will be very different. You also know how to build and order characters in your team.

#3. Knowing The Odds

This last technique is not about gameplay but about the Gacha. Many Genshin Impact players just use Fates to do the Wish without caring about the chance to get the wanted characters or weapons. However, many players read the Gacha rule of each Wish event very carefully and spend the required number of fates for those rewards.

Chance To Get 5 Star Characters
Most players want to get 5-star characters.

However, you should keep in mind that there is an extra randomization mechanism that can make you not get the right thing as calculated. It may lead to Gambler's Fallacy. If you think you can get a 5-star character after getting all three 4-star characters in the banner, it will let you down.

Pure Luck
However, the outcomes mainly depend on pure luck.

The chance to get a 5-star character or weapon from the Wish banner is not always true. It totally depends on your pure luck. Therefore, don't let yourself fall too deep in this gamble. You should know when to stop. It must be one of the best Genshin Impact techniques that may save you from bankruptcy.

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