Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG for all PC, console, and mobile players. One of the most interesting activities in this game is leveling up the travelers. Here are the top 5 best tips to rank up fast in Genshin Impact.

#1. Unlock And Upgrade Statues Of Seven

There are many Statues of Seven on Tevyat. You need to unlock these statues to unlock new land. Moreover, travelers can also use these statues to teleport between distanced locations. Then, you need to upgrade Statues of Seven to increase EXP from quests and battles to level up fast in Genshin Impact.

Statue Of Seven
Unlock all Statues Of Seven in Tevyat.

There are two types of Statue of Seven, including Geo Statue and Anemo Statue. Try to obtain all Anemoculus and Geoculus in Mondstadt and Liyue to upgrade these statues. It helps expand stamina and gives you lots of rewards and EXP. Besides, you should unlock all Teleport Waypoints and Domains.

Get Anemoculus
Try to obtain all Anemoculus and Geoculus to offer and upgrade Statues of Seven.

#2. Hunt Chests

Opening chests also gives you 10 - 60 EXP, depending on the type of chest. Luxurious chests give you the highest amount of EXP. However, only common chests respawn. Don't ignore any chest around you when traversing the map or doing quests. It's one of the best tips to rank up fast in this interesting game.

Save Mystic Ores
Open all chests on your way.

#3. Complete All Commissions And Quests

Genshin Impact has a big quest system with many types of quests, including main story quests, daily commissions, archon quests, and world quests. You also get a lot of EXP when completing these quests. The story quests will give you the highest number of EXP but you also need to complete daily missions. It helps you increase the adventure's rank in Genshin Impact quickly.

Do Main Quest Min
Complete all commissions and quests in the game.

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#4. Complete Experience Tasks

Experience Mission is a special mission system for travelers to complete and get a lot of attractive rewards, such as Primogems, Hero's Wits, Mora, and EXP. These missions are very easy to complete. Sometimes, you only need to go to the Traveler's Handbook to check them out and claim rewards.

Complete Handbook Tasks
Complete all tasks in the Traveler's Handbook to farm EXP.

#5. Defeat Enemies

Genshin Impact travelers also earn EXP from clearing enemy tasks in the Traveler's Handbook. You can also check out the amount of EXP you can farm from defeating these opponents in this handbook. For example, Genshin Impact players can farm 200 EXP when defeating elemental hypostasis. Clearing Domains is also one of the best tips to rank up fast in this game.

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