Genshin Impact is a fantastic RPG game. Many players take in it every day. Here are the top 7 mistakes in Genshin Impact that beginners should avoid in this game. It will help you play the game well and save more time to rank up quickly.

#1. Ignore The Main Story

This role-playing game has a large beautiful world with a lot of spectacular spots of attractions. Therefore, a lot of travelers get absorbed in exploring this stunning game world and forget to stick to the main story. Then, they don't complete main story quests to rank up and unlock all free characters.

Do Main Quest
Many players ignore the main story quests and just get absorbed in the beautiful game world.

#2. Not Save Fates For DPS Character Recruiting

Genshin Impact allows travelers to recruit many S-tier characters, such as Diluc and Hutao in Wish events. Many players use all their Fates in early Wish events to get 4-star and 3-star characters or items.

Genshin Impact World Exploring
You should spend fates to wish for high-tier characters.

In the early stage, you should use only 20 Fates to get a 4-star character and a 4-star weapon. The chance to get high-tier characters and weapons will increase when you rank up. Moreover, you should save Fates for Up-Chance events to get 5-star characters.

#3. Not Use Resin

It's one of the most popular mistakes in Genshin Impact that not only beginners but veterans often make. Resin is the main material for many quests and activities in this game. You should use it up so that the Resin will be refilled automatically.

Use Resin
You should be active and use resin up.

The maximum amount of Resin is 120 and it will be refilled every day. If you don't use them up, there's no space for Resin to reproduce.

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#4. Enhance Low-Tier Weapons & Artifacts

When you enhance weapons, you need to use other weapons, ores, and Mora. Don't waste them in 1-star or 2-star weapons because these low-standard weapons are very weak in all stats. You should equip 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star weapons and artifacts to make your characters stronger.

Upgrade High Tier Weapons
You should enhance high-tier weapons.

Moreover, you should use 1-star and 2-star weapons and artifacts to enhance those high-standard items.

#5. Waste Mystic Ores

There are three types of ores in this game, including enhancement ore, fine enhancement ore, and mystic enhancement ore. The mystic enhancement ore is the rarest and most effective ores in this game. However, many travelers are wasting it on useless things, such as upgrading 1-star weapons. Mystic ores will be very rare in the later stage of the game when you have obtained all Precious and Luxurious.

Save Mystic Ores Min
You should use mystic ores economically.

#6. Waste Food

It's one of the most common mistakes in Genshin Impact that beginners often make. Food in this game helps buff many statuses of characters and heal their HP. Although you can cook those dishes unlimitedly, you may waste lots of time on finding ingredients. Therefore, it would be better if you use food reasonably in this game.

Only consume food when you are encountering bosses in domains. If you want to heal HP out of domains, teleport to Statues of Seven to heal for free.

Use Food Reasonably Min
You should use food properly.

#7. Waste Mora

Lots of travelers think that Mora is easy to earn, so they are wasting it unreasonably. It's a big mistake that you should avoid. You will need more Mora when enhancing high-level weapons and upgrading high-level characters in later stages of the game. Therefore, you should spend Mora reasonably and economically.

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