Genshin Impact features a lot of sidequests and some of them are even knottier than others. Lingering Malady Genshin Impact is one of those that have troubled gamers a lot when it comes to spotting all the essential billboards and posters.

So what is Lingering Malady and what can we do to complete it? Our guide will help you finish it with ease.

Lingering Malady Genshin Impact
See Lingering Malady Genshin Impact poster location as well as the Merchant Billboard spot.

What is Lingering Malady in Genshin Impact?

Lingering Malady is a World quest that players need to fulfill in Genshin Impact, hidden all through the Mondstadt city’s precarious locations.

Moreover, you need to seek four posters and billboards. One of the necessities to complete the quest is to ensure players already approach the Adventure Rank 30.

To find out how to complete the Lingering Malady Genshin Impact quest, learn more right below.

How to do Lingering Malady Genshin Impact

There are three steps for you to follow for the Lingering Malady quest in Genshin Impact:

  • Talk to Aramis [Quest Start]
  • Find posters and billboards in Mondstadt
  • Talk to Aramis [Quest End]

Following are the detailed guidelines for each step.

Talk to Aramis before you get to do your quest.

Talk to Aramis [Quest Start]

In the first place, players have to make sure they have accepted the quest. The next step is to talk to Aramis who you can see standing right outside the Mondstadt cathedral. For the unaware, Aramis, an NPC, operates the stairs before the Favonious Cathedral. He takes full responsibility for securing this area.

Find posters and billboards in Mondstadt

Once you converse with Aramis, he will question you to look for four items – posters and billboards, in Mondstadt. On another hand, a clue about these items is they all locate on the rooftops. Hence, the only route you must follow is to go to the upper wrap point which plays a high ground for you to not miss any of the items.

Upon finding the billboards and posters for the Lingering Malady Genshin Impact quest, players could collect them in any order. However, the half-circle way makes it quite fast to find them.

Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Guide
Where to find the three posters and one Billboard? See our guide right now.

In case players find it tricky to get to some roof, they can alternatively climb to a higher building while using a stone wall to slide down to that they aspire to reach.

As none of them has the highest point, gliding does not pose any challenge for moving.

Talk to Aramis [Quest End]

The last step is to confirm you have completed the quest by talking to Aramis. That's how you do the Lingering Malady quest in Genshin Impact.

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Lingering Malady poster location

Now take a look at all the Lingering Malady Genshin Impact poster location and specific tips:

1. First poster

The first poster is on the rooftop near the Knight of Favonius. You can totally climb around the side walls to reach the rooftop. Moreover, this poster is under the closest waypoint. Locate it and your first task is successfully done.

First Poster Lingering Malady
This poster is on the roof in front of the Favonius Knights Headquarters.

2. Second poster

The second poster can be discovered on the houses to the target circle’s southwest. It is on the west of Blacksmith, to be exact.

It might be quite hard to reach as you need to have some climbing abilities to maneuver between different roofs. As this step requires a keen eye, the third poster can be touted as the trickiest to find.

Once you have got this poster, you have taken one step closer to complete the Lingering Malady quest.

Second Poster Southwest Blacksmith
Posters can be found on rooftops.

3. Third poster

Next up, Genshin Impact players can find the second poster by gliding from the windmill close to the building or hiking the house of Mona nearby. It is the flawless place for you to collect some Philanemo mushrooms in case they need them for some Mondstadt characters’ Ascension.

After this, you just need to overcome one more step to finish this popularly challenging quest in Genshin Impact.

Third Poster
You can see the posters on goods stores' rooftops.

4. The Billboard

Last but not least, you can find the Billboard as you climb to the city walls which is on the City Reputation vendor’s northeast. You will see it lying on the ground there.

Once you have found it, also take a chance to garner a number of chests if you roam along Mondstadt walls. Meanwhile, it is also important you explore the zone carefully.

Merchant Billboard
The Merchant Billboard can be found up on the city's wall walkway.

Apart from the glorious feeling of victory, players will get a set of rewards including 20,000 Mora; 100 Adventure Rank EXP, three Northern Smoked Chicken, and six Hero's Wit. As you have completed the quest, the posters will be removed from the inventory while the billboard is going to be restored to its earlier position.

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