Sumeru Genshin Impact is an upcoming nation that is highly awaited. This nation will be the fourth land to be released in Genshin Impact if it comes to the game in the next update. Here are some most concerned leaks about this nation.

Babylon The Country Sumeru Might Be Based On
Sumeru in Genshin supposedly takes inspiration from an ancient country in real life.

I. Sumeru Genshin Impact Release Date

Sumeru release date hasn't been confirmed yet. However, some leakers said that it may come to Teyvat in February or March 2022.

In the next few months, players may go to explore deeper in Inazuma. Then, the fourth country in Teyvat may be launched when you have completed the Inazuma map and story explorations.

The storyline of Sumeru is in Chapter III, after the storyline of Inazuma - the nation of Electro vision. You will do the Archon Quest Chapter III: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana in this new nation. Therefore, it will come to the game soon after the storyline of Inazuma is completed.

Sumeru Genshin Impact
Sumeru in Genshin Impact has both desert and rain forests.

Apart from the release date, the Sumeru Genshin Impact map and regions are still unknown. According to some leaks, this new nation will have both deserts and forests. Dainsleif spoke in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail likens Sumeru as a desert. Besides, the marvelous merchandise Liben describes that "Sumeru is all rainforest and desert".

II. Sumeru Genshin Impact Element

Sumeru is the nation of Dendro element. It's ruled by God of Wisdom or Dendro Archon. In Sabzeruz Festival - the biggest annual festival in this country, people celebrate the birth of Dendro Archon as their main God.

After the previous Dendro Archon passed away in the cataclysm 500 years ago, the power was given to the current God of Wisdom, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali. She is also the current Dendro Archon who protects and leads this country.

Sumeru is the nation of the Dendro element.

Sumeru is also known as the center of the academy in Teyvat with Sumeru Academia - the most famous institute all over the continent.

Lisa also went to this institute to study magic in two years. She was also estimated as the best student they had ever seen in two centuries. But then, she still returned to Mondstadt because of some dark sides she witnesses in this nation, such as the cost of freedom in erudition and raving-mad scholars in Sumeru. The institute is also described as an armed force.

Sumeru Map
Sumeru is likely in the Southwest of Liyue.

III. Sumeru Genshin Impact Characters

Dendro Archon is the first leaked character from Sumeru. She may become playable in the future. Besides, Cyno is another leaked playable character together with many other NPCs from the nation of Dendro. Here are leaked details of these Sumeru-based characters.

#1. Kusanali

Kusanali is the Dendro Archon. She is likely the fourth archon to come to the game. She is also the youngest archon in The Seven who is around 500 years old. Kusanali is also known as the God Of Freedom.

After the death of God of the Woods, Kusanali took the power to rule Sumeru. In the annual Sabzeruz Festival in Sumeru, citizens in Sumeru celebrated her birth. They love their God a lot because she gave them protection. Kusanali element is Dendro but her weapon and rate are still unknown.

Dendro Archon
Dendro Archon is the youngest archon in The Seven who is around 500 years old.

#2. Cyno

Cyno is another leaked character from Sumeru. He is also a playable character introduced in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview.

In the story of Teyvat, Cyro helped Collei - a Fatui agent seal her Archon residue. Cyno is an erudite scholar in this nation of sages. This young man looks confident and composed. Besides, he looks cool with red-orange eyes, tan skin, and medium-length grey hair.

Cyno is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact in 2021.

Cyno Genshin Impact
Cyno is another character from Sumeru.

In fact, you have met many NPCs from Sumeru when doing quests in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, such as Sayid, Soraya, Alrani, Vahid, Parvaneh, Anisa, Kaushik, Fadhlan. and Masudi. More Sumeru characters will come to the game when this nation is released.

IV. What Country Is Sumeru Based On?

Sumeru Genshin Impact is likely based on Babylon - a nation in the South Asian and medieval Middle Eastern cultures. It's also one of seven Wonders of the World. The name of this country is also the Chinese name for Mount Meru - a sacred five-peaked mountain in Buddhist, Hindu, Jain cosmology.

Babylon has many similarities to Sumeru. For example, during the prime of Babylon, this nation is also the center of scientific advancement and academies. Besides, it's also an oasis in the desert that has both desert and rain forests.

Those are all leaks about Sumeru Genshin Impact that we have known. The story of Sumeru will be released after Inazuma's story and we are going to meet Sumeru characters soon.

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