Tsurumi Island has been introduced to Genshin Impact fans not long ago yet it has proven to be the most interesting land with surprising hidden myths. Only getting to the land is tricky enough as you have to clear the mist if you don’t want to get lost and teleported back to the start.

Everything in Tsurumi connects to a young boy named Ruu and the eerie quest. If you have managed to remove the fog, you may have questions about the ghosts that are plaguing the island. So what is the deal with these Tsurumi Island ghosts and what do they do.

Tsurumi Ghosts
As the fog disappears, you shall see Tsurumi Island ghosts floating around.

Ghosts in Tsurumi Island Chirai Shrine

After completing 4 days in the main quest on Tsurumi island, players will see that the ghosts have begun inhabiting the region around Chirai Shrine. Most of them are there only for decoration and will vanish when you approach them. The Tsurumi Island ghosts also appear at night only.

However, if you look around a little, you will come across one of the named ghosts that will speak to you. They are part of a secret quest and completing it will earn you achievements, chests, and primogems.

Apart from the ghosts, you will also meet the new enemy called Rifthound and a new kind of chest named Remarkable Chests.

Kito Ghost
Kito and Kina

Tsurumi Island ghost locations and requests

In total, there are 10 ghosts on Tsurumi Island, including Kana and Kito who show up together. They all will have a mini-quest for players to do.

The photo shows the locations for all ghosts except for two others. One is in the ruins while another appears out of a conch.

Most quests that involve the ghosts are pretty straightforward and will not give players much hassle. The most difficult part is to figure out the number of ghosts and where they show up in the game.

Tsurumi Ghost Map
Tsurumi Ghost Map

Although the Boatman will give some hints of their whereabouts, it can still be vague. This chart will tell you all Tsurumi Island Ghost locations and what you need to do to appease them:

Ghost name Locations How to appease them
Abe Chirai Shrine Ruins Dig up wife's grave close to Chirai Shrine.
Rero Between Mt. Kanna and Chirai Shrine Pick all Fluroscent Fungi in the route between Chiari Shrine and Shirikoro Beach.
Una Between Mt. Kanna and Chirai Shrine Give Kito and Kana some Sakura Blooms.
Nonno Chiria Shrine Play hide-and-seek 4 times.
Shitoki Appear from a Conch Search for treasure maps from conches, then dig the treasure up.
Ipe Chirai Shrine Fishing for a charm near Autake Plain.
Kito and Kina Autake Plains Island Submit Sakura Blooms to them.
Chise Autake Plains Light every Thunderstorm Stone in Autake Plains.
Boatman Shirikoro Beach Appease every other ghost on Tsurumi Island.

When you have completed all ghost requests, head to Shirikoro beach and talk to the Boatman once more. As a short cutscene plays, the player will be left with a chest.

After the ghosts disappear, Tsurumi Island will not have any major changes.

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