Tsurumi Island is the newest and strangest place added in the game. The region welcomes Genshin Impact players with a thick fog that disturbs the exploration to a marked extent until they can complete some quests.

Currently, the island also features Remarkable Chests whose existence excites yet confuses many players in the world. Our guide will dig into the locations you can find these Remarkable Chest Genshin Impact and what they offer.

Remarkable Chest Genshin Impact 2
Remarkable Chests are one of the new additions after the release of Tsurumi Island.

What are Remarkable Chests?

Remarkable Chests, a new kind of chest in Tsurumi Island, works almost the same as a normal chest. Players can open it after fighting some guarding monsters. However, instead of items or Mora, players will get a single furniture blueprint from the chest. This is also what you can make in the Serenitea Pot.

The Remarkable Chest Genshin Impact does not grant anything else, though. Luckily, the monsters that surround the chests are not too hard to take down.

Moreover, the green color on these new chests makes them stand out from others. If you want to have every Inazuma blueprint, you will need to find and open all Remarkable Chests on Tsurumi island. This can be quite troublesome due to how they spawn.

Remarkable Chest Genshin
These chests do not give Mora or any items rather than Serenitea blueprints.

Remarkable Chests locations on Tsurumi island

There are 46 Remarkable Chests on Tsurumi island Genshin Impact and they will keep appearing in the region, even in the same location you had opened it before.

This will not stop happening until players have gathered all chests on the new island. The most noticeable is in the spot near the Statue of the Seven and the ceremony site. Players may also find some of them respawning at the Shirikoro Peak, Chirai Shrine, and the Autake Plains.

To make it easier for you to find all Remarkable Chest locations, take a look at the map below.

Tsurumi Remarkable Chest
There are currently 33 out of 46 Remarkable Chests available for grabbing.

While you are out and about, it is also recommended to keep your team roster strong as you will stumble upon a variety of enemies. Exploring Tsurumi will be less challenging if you have an available Electro character like Raiden Shogun, Lisa, Traveler, in the team to light Stormstornes up and avoid losing the way in the fog.

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Do Remarkable Chests respawn?

As mentioned above, some Remarkable Chests do respawn in certain locations. They should respawn at the same time as your daily reset. It does not seem like you will miss any if you did not manage to grab them in the main quest of the island.

It is best to check back on Tsurumi Island on a daily basis until you do not see any chest respawn any longer. Also, remember that some Remarkable Chests do not respawn, which makes your chest hunting venture a little less complicated.

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