Like Geoculus and Anemoculus, Electroculus will level up Statues of the Seven which players can get increased stamina, full health, and more benefits from. Players can find Electroculus in Inazuma and as the new Tsurumi island is on Inazuma’s southern side, it also contains the precious Electroculus you want to collect.

Like other Oculi, Electroculus Tsurumi Island also range from easy to get to very challenging to obtain. It often involves some gliding and climbing to reach.

Tsurumi Island In Genshin Impact
Like all the other islands, Tsurumi features an abundance of Electroculus that summons at different locations within the Island.

There are 30 Electroculus on the recently introduced version 2.2’s Tsurumi Island. While players are on their lookout, it is recommended to keep the character party strong as there will be various strong enemies.

How to reach Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

Getting to Tsurumi Island will be the first and foremost challenge before players actually go to search for the Electroculus. The island is at Inazuma’s southernmost tip and you have to use the Waverider to sail between the areas.

Since Tsurumi Island is a new region, heading there will be quite daunting unless you know its exact location.

Tsurumi island is not easy to access if players don't know the way.

Not just that, you are required to complete the “A Particularly Particular Author” world quest which will eventually get you redirected to Tsurumi Island. Several Remarkable Chests can be discovered along the adventure, this time also features the Flouroscenet Fungus.

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All Electroculus Tsurumi Island locations in Genshin Impact 2.2

Electroculus appears like a purple crystal and you shall see them floating in the air while on the Tsurumi exploration. These spots will prompt like a star on the guiding map if players are near one.

It can be quite time-consuming if you just run around and wait for the star to pop up. Therefore, instead of the map we provided above, you can use the Genshin Impact Interactive World Map and head to the precise locations.

Tsurumi Island Electroculus
The locations of all Electroculus on Tsurumi Island.

The last Electroculus is trickier to deal with as it is situated on the hill close to Moshiri Kara Domain. Players must unlock this domain to get the 30th Electroculus Tsurumi Island.

For those uninitiated, Moshiri Kara is the latest domain that can be found to the west side of Seirai Island. To unlock this domain, you have to complete three challenges: Marksman, Combat, and Time challenge. Moreover, only players at Adventure Rank 40 at least are eligible to reach the Moshiri Kara domain.

Electroculus can be found floating in the air.

Travelers, after trying to get every Electroculus, can offer them to the Statue of the Seven. Thus, they will be able to unlock many rewards such as Electro Traveler constellations, complimentary Primogems, Electro Sigil, Mora, Inazuma Shrine of Depths key, and so on.

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