The latest update 2.2 has arrived yesterday with many new features, including an Inazuma-themed Realm layout with many floating platforms and decorations. Check out all additions to the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact 2.2. here.

Serenitea Pot Inazuma-Themed Additions

The housing system in Genshin Impact has some additions in the Inazuma theme, including a new realm layout and many new decorations. Here are all additions to the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact 2.2.

Genshin Impact New Realm Layout
Genshin Impact has some Inazuma-theme additions.

#1. New Inazuma-Themed Realm Layout

The new Realm Layout named Silken Courtyard also has the Inazuma theme with many floating platforms. To unlock this new Realm Layout, you need to reach level 40 at the Sacred Sakura Tree. Each level requires 25 Electro Sigils. Therefore, you need one thousand Electro Sigils to offer to that level and get this new layout.

Silken Courtyard
The new Realm Layout is named Silken Courtyard.

#2. New Inazuma-Themed Furnishings

Inazuma-themed decorations, including Furnishings and Furnishing Blueprints, are available to buy now. You need to obtain currencies from the Jar of Riches to exchange. Check out new Inazuma-themed Furnishings in the current update here.

Furnishings Price
Forceful Tea Pine 40
Cyangrass 80
Stonenet 80
Green spine 80
Verdant Ancient 80
Flower's First Blushing Bloom 80
Doves the World Over, Repose Seeking 80
The Red Kite's Waking and Sleeping 80
The Wandering Bird Within 80
Sappan and Vermilion Enjoyed 80
Thoughts Beyond the Pale 80
The Bellflower Bids the Gloom Farewell 80
The Aster's Sigh 80
Melancholy, the Dewgrass Shadowing 80
Of Promises Unkept the Night Flowers Speak 80
Tree of Azure Jade 80
Through White Foam the Jade Butterfly Soars 80
Scarlet-Scented Fan Dance 80
A Thousand Petals of Red Glaze 80
"Between Nine Steps" 120
Meditation Stone 40
Wading Stones 40
Hot Spring Whitestone: Secret Fire 80
Weeping Stone 80
Ardent Cinnabar 80
Sub-Space Boulder: Sky Range 80
Sub-Space Boulder: Solitude 80
"Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess" 80
Sub-Space Boulder: Seat of Mist 80
Sub-Space Boulder: Floating Precipice 80
Inazuma Theme Decoration
Inazuma-theme decorations.

#3. New Crafting Blueprints

There are a lot of new Furnishing Blueprints in the Inazuma theme in this update, including house decorations and outdoor decorations. You need to buy these blueprints from Tubby's Realm Depot. Then, follow these steps to craft these furnishings.

  • Open the Inventory and locate the new blueprints you have purchased.
  • Go to Tubby can choose the option of Create Furnishing.
  • Select the furnishing schematics that will be added to Creation Queue. If you reach level 10 in the Trust Rank of the housing system, you can open all five rows in the Creation Queue.
  • Wait until the creation is completed. Or else, you can use a Vial of Adeptal Speed to get the furnishing right away.

You can buy five bottles of Vial of Adeptal Speed per day. Each bottle costs 10 coins. Besides, you have to make sure that you have got enough materials to craft the furnishing, such as iron chunks, white iron chunks, different types of wood, fabric, and dyes. Fabric and Dyes can be crafted from some plants.

Inazuma Home
Build your own Inazuma houses in the new realm layout.

Genshin Impact Remarkable Chest

Apart from new furnishings, Genshin Impact 2.2 also has a new Inazuma-themed remarkable chest. Players can loot new furnishings and blueprints from these chests. These chests were scattered around the new island Tsurumi. You have to explore this misty island to find and open these chests to get new furnishings and blueprints for the Serenitea Pot world.

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