The Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma city is a famous location in this new nation. Inazuma citizens often visit this sacred tree to pray for blessing things in life. Here are all details, rewards, and must-know guides on how to find electro sigils to offer to this tree.

1. Uses of Sacred Sakura Tree

This is a big sakura tree behind the Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma. It drops Sakura Blooms for Electro characters to collect by using their elemental skills. Sakura Blooms are important ingredients for many dishes in Inazuma.

In addition, it's the necessary ascension material for many new characters from Inazuma, including Kamisato Ayaka. You can also use this Sacred Sakura Tree to teleport to Mt. Yougou on Narukami island. Yae Miko is in charge of overseeing the shrine.

Sacred Sakura Inazuma
Sacred Sakura tree grows behind the Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma.

2. Sacred Sakura Tree Rewards

Travelers need to collect Electro Sigils to offer to this tree and level it up. Reach level requires 25 Electro Sigils. Each level gives Travelers a lot of rewards. Especially, when you upgrade the Sacred tree in your world to level 17, you can unlock a new ability for the Electrograna.

Electro Sigils
Each level of Sacred Sakura's Favor requires 25 Electro Sigils to level up.

There are 50 levels of the Sacred Sakura's Favor to upgrade. When you reach level 3, you will obtain the Eternal Current. In five first levels, you will receive these rewards each level:

  • 50,000 Mora
  • 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores
  • 200 EXP
  • Consumables/Wishing Items/Materials: Acquaint Fate, Fragile Resin, Philosophies of Transience, Northlander Sword Billet, Crown of Insight.

To obtain these rewards, travelers need to collect as many Electro Sigils as possible. From level 6 to 50, players can't preview rewards.

Sacred Sakura Tree
Sacred Sakura tree rewards

3. How To Collect Electro Sigils

You can get Electro Sigils from exploration. Here are some common ways to obtain this sigil in the new nation of Electrol Archon.

  • Opening Chests

When you find a chest in Inazuma, you will get an Electro Sigil. Another source of electro sigils in Genshin Impact 2.0 is from Statue of The Seven rewards. Players can check out the chest locations in Inazuma in the Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

Chests In Inazuma
You can open chests in Inazuma to get Electro Sigils.
  • Upgrading The Statue of The Seven

You will be granted Electro Sigils when you upgrade the Statue of The Seven. Travelers can collect many Electroculus around Inazuma when exploring this country to offer to these statues and level it up. Apart from many common rewards like in Mondstadt and Liyue's Statues of the Seven, Travelers will get some Electro Sigils from these Statues.

Statue Of The Seven
You will be granted Electro Sigils when you upgrade the Statue of The Seven in Inazuma.
  • Completing Domains

The last way to obtain Electro Sigils is by completing Domain challenges. After clearing a Domain, Travelers will be granted a Luxurious chest with many rewards, including this kind of sigil. However, not all Domain in Inazuma rewards Travelers with this precious item.

Those are all about the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma and Electro Sigils. Let's start your journey now and get many attractive rewards.

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