Some leaks revealed the new challenge of La Signora Boss Fight in Genshin Impact 2.1. She is a powerful Fatui Harbinger. So, it's pretty challenging to defeat this boss. Check out how to counter La Signora here.

1. Who is La Signora?

La Signora is a Fatui Harbinger from Snezhnaya - the nation of Cryo archon. Besides, she is also called The Fair Lady because of her gorgeous dress and Fatui mask. Unlike Tartaglia, the 8th Fatui Harbinger will be introduced as a boss.

Genshin Impact La Signora
La Signora is very powerful and brilliant.

La Signora is not only beautiful but also very powerful boss. In the story scene of Venti, this boss defeated Venti - the Anemo Archon and took his vision away. Then, players had a quest of taking Venti's Vision back for him.

Although The Fair Lady is not an Archon, she could defeat one of seven Archons in Teyvat. It means that her power is really insane. Therefore, La Signora becomes one of the most dangerous bosses in Genshin Impact. You should understand her skills to find out her strong and weak points to counter her.

La Signora Genshin Impact
She is a Fatui Harbinger from Snezhnaya.

2. La Signora Boss Skills

La Signora is a Cryo boss with super powerful attacks. Firstly, she creates a Cryo shield around her. Then, the boss stands inside that circle and releases ice slashes, and ice arrow showers towards your characters. In the second phase, she will turn into a Pyro boss. Here are some skills and attacks of this boss that you should keep in your mind.

La Signora Boss Fight
This boss has two phases.
  • First Phase - Cryo Attacks

La Signora stays inside the Cryo shield to release ice slashes with sharp ice knives and arrows towards players. Besides, she creates showers of ice arrows in the area of characters to cause Cryo DMG.

After that, the boss jumps and lands behind your character to attack suddenly. When the read HP bar decreases by 80%, this boss turns into a big Ice root. It drops ice balls and releases dangerous ice creepers.

La Signora Genshin Impact Phase 1
In phase 1, La Signora attacks with Cryo skills.
  • Second Phase - Pyro Attacks

After breaking the Ice root, La Signora will respawn as a Pyro boss with a long Pyro whip. Her elemental burst releases a shower of fireballs toward players. Then, she turns into a phantom to chase you and continues to attack with her whip.

La Signora Genshin Impact Phase 2
In phase 2, she turns into a Pyro boss.

3. How to defeat La Signora boss

La Signora's attacks are very deadly. Therefore, the first thing to do when in La Signora boss fight is to dodge her attacks. Here are some tips and team build guidelines to defeat her.

Dodge Attacks in La Signora boss fight
You need to dodge all her attacks.

Tips To Defeat La Signora Boss

  • Use food to buff the team's power. You can consume food to increase Stamina, Protection, and ATK DMG.
  • Always use both Cryo and Pryo characters to counter this boss in Cryo and Pyro phases. The Cryo element can be used to counter this boss in the second phase.
  • You should recruit a Geo character with the ability to create a shield to reduce the DMG your characters take from the boss.
  • Save your stamina to sprint and dodge La Signora's slashes and burst.
Characters in La Signora boss fight
Use both Cryo and Pryo characters

Best team build against La Signora boss fight

  • Pyro DPS: You need at least Pyro DPS to deal with this boss at the 1st phase. Genshin Impact Ganyu is the best choice for this role.
  • Cryo DPS: You also need a Cryo DPS when countering Pyro La Signora at the second phase. Diluc, Klee, and Hu Tao are ideal characters for this role.
  • Geo Supporters: The Geo character will create a solid shield to protect your characters. You should choose Zhongli and Ningguang for this role.
Melee Attack in La Signora boss fight
Melee attacks are more effective.

Besides, you should use melee characters to counter La Signora because most of her attacks are mid-range attacks. If you stay close to her, you can dodge her attacks easily.

Above is the analysis of La Signora's skills as well as recommendations for you to defeat this powerful boss. You could refer to more Genshin Impact tips on

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