For those who are newbies or haven’t known, there are four types of quests in the game.

Archon Quests plays the part in telling the main story of the Traveler and their journey alongside Paimon across Teyvat. Meanwhile, Story Quests let players learn more about the playable characters as they focus their personalities and backstories.

The third sort of quest is World Quests (ex. Time and the Wind) which are unlocked after you speak to NPCs across the open world. It is indispensable to the world history and building. Then, we have Commissions – the daily quests players can do to get rewards.

Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact is one of those challenging commissions that can make players throw their hands up in frustration. However, with this guide, how to beat Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact will not be that “rough” any longer.

Liyue Harbor
Go to Liyue to do this commission.

How to start Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact

Before getting to the strategies to completing the tasks, players need to follow these steps to unlock Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact Commission. Please note that players have to be at Adventurer level 12 at least to activate these daily commissions.

  • Head to Liyue Harbor by following north of the waypoint.
  • Find Shitou and speak with him.
  • The NPC will explain the price of raw materials has hiked after the Ministry of Civil Affairs decided to close the Chasm.
  • In your talk with Shitou, he will reveal his decision to take advantage of the closure by selling uncut rocks that may contain precious jades.
  • Then, you will be asked to pick a crude stone out of the three displayed stones. The minigame requires players to pick the odd stone to complete the Commission.
  • You will have three choices of prices when laying odds on the rocks: 200, 400, and 600 Mora. The incentive shall vary depending on the route you will choose.
Diamond In The Rough 2
Which stone has Jade Genshin Impact? Follow our guide below to find out.

What makes Genshin Impact Shitou Diamond in the Rough a challenge to players is that the three rocks look exactly the same on the outside.

To unpuzzle the question of which stone is special, follow these tips to make sure your pick is not just dumb luck.

How to beat Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact

Apparently, there are three methods to find out which stone has Jade Genshin Impact. Try each of them to see which way works for you.

1. Check which one has lighter shade

These stones, which come under the form of Cor Lapis, actually have different shades. Choose the one with a lighter shade and it could be the odd rock you’re looking for.

Lighter Shaded Stone
Choose the one with a lighter hue and you may complete Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact commission.

2. Render it

For this strategy, run way back and let the stones be out of your sight. Afterward, slowly walk towards the desk from afar and pay attention to see which stone shows up first.

The first rough stone to render has a higher opportunity to contain a jade.

3. Clip it

Walk back away from the desk with the stones, then walk forth to slowly clip the camera inside the rock you want to investigate. Position the character in line with the rock.

If there is a whole visible spiral pattern inside the stone, that might be a jackpot. However, if there is just a fragment of it, this stone is not the one you are searching for.

Cor Lapis
The one with a complete sporal pattern inside is the one with the jade.

Clip your camera into the stones to check what each one contains: Once clipping your camera in, check what each of them has:

  • If there is an entire Cor Lapis inside (its whole spiral texture is visible), this is the jackpot.
  • If there's only a fragment of the Cor Lapis or nothing inside, it's not your jackpot.

Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact tips

While doing the commission, you need to pay attention to these important details also.

  • Using Elemental Sight will not help determine the Cor Lapis. This is because the waves appearing on the jade in Elemental Sight moves in a similar direction to the character and the three ores when you stand next to them.
Use Elemental Sight
Elemental Sight can hardly help in this case.
  • If no ore contains the jackpot, it is not an issue as there is no guarantee that a jackpot is there all the time. Hence, players may have to do this commission several times before they can actually get their hands on the rewards. On another hand, some rounds can even feature more than one jackpot.
  • As the stones are loaded before the dialogue about Mora cost, the stones may conversely refresh after you choose a Mora option. That's why it is better that you try the above methods after picking a Mora cost option.

Diamond in the Rough Genshin Impact achievement & rewards

Players will be able to unlock the Beginner's Luck achievement if they can grab the jackpot on the very first try.

Beginner’s Luck

It is important to acknowledge that a wager does not guarantee success. As a common rule, trying to get the Beginner's Luck which is granted for correctly picking up the jackpot stone on the first try, is completely dependent on luck.


After you have managed to choose the high-value jade, Shitou will give you these rewards:

  • Mora
  • Standard Daily Commission rewards
  • Cor Lapis or Noctilucous Jade which is the valuable ascension material for Beidou, Keqing, Chongyun, and Zhongli!

The amount of Mora is based on the quality of each chosen jade.

Beginners Luck
Manage to pick the accurate one on the first try and players will get this achievement.

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