When you obtain characters in Genshin Impact, you need to equip artifacts and weapons to give them some bonus. Besides, each character has a unique way to build. Check out the best rule for Genshin Impact character build here.

Genshin Impact Characters
To build characters strongly, players need to understand basic rules.

I. Rules For Genshin Impact Character Build

Each character in Genshin Impact has a different way to build, but there are some common rules for all. Here are the top basic rules on how to make characters stronger in Genshin Impact.

1. Knowing Characters' Roles

Being aware of the best role of characters is very important to choose the best weapons and artifacts for them. For example, focus on DPS characters and equip them with the best weapons and artifacts. Besides, you should enhance weapons and artifacts to increase their effects.

2. Understanding Characters' Elements

You should understand the element of your characters so that you can choose the best artifact set with suitable effects and bonuses. For example, the Crimson Witch of Flames, Tenacity of the Millelith, and Gladiator's Finale are the best artifact selections for Pyro characters, such as Hu Tao, Diluc, Klee, etc.

Genshin Impact Free To Unlock Characters
Know characters' roles and abilities.

3. Upgrading To Level 90

Try to upgrade and ascend your character to level 90 soon. You need to collect enough ascension materials and as many experience books as possible. The higher level your characters are at, the more experience books you need.

You need hundreds of Hero's Wit books to upgrade your characters to level 90. Try to obtain them from quest rewards, Battle Pass rewards, and purchase them at the Realm Depot in the Serenitea Pot.

4. Getting 4 Or 5-Star Items

Get 4-star and 5-star artifacts and weapons from domains and wish banners. You need to defeat very dangerous bosses in high-level domains to get 4-star and 5-star artifacts.

You can also craft 4-star weapons with White Iron Chunks, Crystal Chunks, a weapon billet, and Mora in the Forging System. The 5-star character is only available in the Wish Banner. You have to use the Intertwined Fates and try your luck.

Choose The Best Weapons And Artifacts
Choose the best weapons and artifacts.

Follow these rules to make every single player most powerful. Then, they can contribute more damage in team combat and take the opponents down quickly. You can also check out the Genshin Impact character build spreadsheet made by Skylynx Gaming posted on Hoyolab. That sheet gives you all required ascension materials for all Genshin Impact characters and the best build for them.

II. Rules For Genshin Impact Team Build

After you build every character in Genshin Impact, you choose 2-4 characters to build your team in co-op mode or single-player mode. Here are the best rules for team build in Genshin Impact.

1. DPS Role

Choose DPS characters based on the domain and bosses' abilities, elemental resistances, weakness, strength, and elemental countering rules. For example, choose Hu Tao or Diluc as the DPS to counter Cryo bosses, such as Cryo Hypostasis and Cryo Regisvine.

If you have to clear a water domain with waves of small bosses, you can choose an Electro DPS. In addition, you should choose 5-star characters for DPS roles.

Hu Tao And Ganyu
Hu Tao and Ganyu are the two best DPS characters in this game.

2. Sub-DPS Role

When selecting the sub-DPS characters, consider the elemental reactions and resonance. Combine with the element of the DPS to give enemies the most deadly attack with powerful reactions.

For example, after applying the electric shock effect to enemies with Fischl, you switch to Diluc and use his powerful fire slashes with his elemental skills and burst to cause the Overloaded reactions.

Xingqiu And Chongyun
Xingqiu and Chongyun are the two best supporters.

3. Supporter & Healer

Based on the purpose and the enemy, you can make the decision whether to choose a supporter or a healer, or both. Barbara is the best healer in Genshin Impact now. Xingqiu is the best supporter with a great ATK bonus.

Besides, choose a Geo supporter when combating a powerful boss with physical ATK, such as Geovishap Hatchling and Geovishap.

Supporters And Healers
You also need a supporter and a healer in your party.

4. Range Of Fights

Another rule to select characters for your team is considering the range of fights. If bosses can fly, choose at least one archer and one catalyst character. For example, Eye of Storm flies in half of the match. Therefore, you should choose an archer to keep causing damage while it's not on the ground. If you battle Regisvine bosses, recruit melee characters to attack the core and defeat them fast.

Use An Archer To Deal With Eye Of Storm
Use an archer to deal with Eye of Storm.

III. Recommended Genshin Impact Teams

From basic rules to build Genshin Impact teams, you choose the best characters for the battle. You can check out the best team build recommendations in Skylynx Gaming's Genshin Impact character build Google sheet we mentioned in the first part. Alternatively, you select other characters with similar elements, weapons, and features if you don't have the recommended teammates for the same effects.

Check out the top recommended Genshin Impact teams below. Each team needs one or two DPS characters, including one main DPS and a 2nd DPS.

1. Cryo DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Ganyu Tartaglia + Kazuha Zhongli
Ayaka Klee + Kazuha Zhongli
Eula + Raiden Zhongli Bennett
Rosaria + Fischl Xinyan Bennett
Ganyu Team
Ganyu is the best Cryo DPS fighter.

2. Pyro DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Hu Tao + Ganyu Xingqiu Zhongli
Diluc Xingqiu + Chongyun Bennett
Klee Mona + Sucrose Diona
Xinyan Albedo + Zhongli Bennett
Xiangling Raiden Shogun + Xingqiu Bennett
Yoimiya Ganyu + Kaedehara Kazuha Diona
Hu Tao Build Guide
Hu Tao is the best Pyro DPS character.

3. Electro DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Razor Xingqiu + Rosaria Diona
Keqing Ganyu + Rosaria Bennett
Raiden Shogun Kujou Sara + Kokomi Jean
Razor Electro Dps
Razor can be a powerful Electro DPS.

4. Anemo DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Xiao Albedo + Zhongli Barbara
Venti Jean + Klee Keqing
Venti Qiqi + Diluc Ningguang
Kazuha Fischl + Xingqiu Bennett
Xiao Team
Xiao is a great Anemo DPS.

5. Hydro DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Tartaglia + Ganyu Albedo Zhongli
Sangonomiya Kokomi Kamisato Ayaka + Venti Rosaria
Kokomi Team
There are many recommendations for Kokomi's team.

6. Geo DPS Teams

DPS Sub-DPS Supporters/Healers
Noelle Traveler (Geo) + Kaeya Barbara
Ningguang Albedo + Zhongli Traveler (Geo)

In conclusion, you should build your characters and team base on the characters' elements, roles, purposes of the trip, and the enemy's weaknesses. You can use the recommended team in this Genshin Impact character build or build your own team base on these rules.

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