The bubbly Barbara is the most famous bard in Mondstadt and the Deaconess of the Favonius Church. Although she is a free character, she is a powerhouse at healing that better not be underappreciated.

As a top-class elemental healer, Barbara Genshin Impact is a must-have in your team. Here’s how you can build her to make her one of the best members you have in your party.

Barbara Genshin Impact
From Barbara Genshin Impact voice actor to her best build, check out below.

Genshin Impact Barbara skills

1. Normal Attack: Whisper of Water

At a normal level, Barbara can perform up to 4 attacks dealing Hydro damage.

2. Elemental Skill: Let the Show Begin

With her Elemental Skill, the bard surrounds herself with Melody Loop which deals damage to enemies nearby and applies wet status on them. When the Loop is functioning, normal attacks can heal team members while the amount scales on Barbara’s maximum HP. The charged attacks then will also offer 4 times the usual healing amount.

Barbara Genshin Impact 2
Barbara elemental skill is named Let The Show Begin, hinting its powerful ability.

3. Elemental Burst: Shining Miracle

Barbara will heal herself and the members with a massive amount of HP, scaling from her max HP.

As both her Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill grant healing to the group, Barbara is the smart choice if you want to keep healed up and play safer.

4. Constellations

Constellation 6 is certainly Barbara power suit. Once the player has maxed out all her Constellations, she will be able to bring all fallen members to life again.

  • Gleeful Songs: Constellation 1 - Regenerates 1 Energy every 10s.
  • Vitality Burst: Constellation 2 - Lowers Let the Show Begin’s CD by 15%. During the skill’s duration, your active character gets a 15% Hydro DMG Bonus.
  • Star of Tomorrow: Constellation 3 - Boosts the Level of Shining Miracle by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Barbara Genshin
Constellation 6 is her strongest suit.
  • Attentiveness be My Power: Constellation 4 - Every enemy Barbara attacks with her Charged Attack will regenerate 1 Energy for her. Up to 5 energy can be regenerated this way with any one Charged Attack.
  • The Purest Companionship: Constellation 5 - Increases Let the Show Begin’s level by 3.
  • Dedicating Everything to You: Constellation  6 - When she is in the party but not on the battle, and one of your own party members sacrifices: revives that fallen character automatically and restores the revived character's HP to 100%. This effect can take place only once every 15 mins.

Best Barbara build Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Barbara is an expert at healing and Hydro. Our Barbara Genshin Impact build will focus on getting the best out of both.

1. Healer build

  • Barbara best weapon: Prototype Amber

The 4-star catalyst will be a great fit as it grants a 10% HP boost and regenerates 12 energy/6 seconds anytime an elemental burst is used. Moreover, it will regenerate 4 percent HP for every party member every 2 seconds. This not only increases Barbara’s healing efficiency but also gives her more energy regeneration.

Prototype Amber
Prototype Amber
  • Barbara best artifact: Maiden Beloved

Maiden Beloved is straight up the best set for the bard. While a 2-piece set will enhance her healing effectiveness by 12 percent, a 4-piece will set party healing for 20 percent anytime the player used an elemental skill or burst.

Barbara Venti
She can make a great team with Venti, Diluc...

2. Reaction DPS build

Barbara is a Hydro catalyst user which means she can cause all kinds of elemental reactions in the appropriate party comp. Apart from using her as one of Genshin Impact healers, she can also be a sub-DPS although it cannot be as viable as a healer role.

  • Barbara best weapon: Mappa Mare

Mappa Mare can give an elemental damage bonus of 8 percent when the player triggers an elemental reaction. The bonus stacks twice and occurs for 10 seconds, giving our Babara a good damage boost when she uses Hydro attacks to make a reaction.

Instructor Set
Best artifact sets for Barbara.
  • Barbara best artifact: Wanderer's Troupe

While you can use Heart of Depth or the Instructor as alternatives, the Wanderer’s Troupe can be best if you want to mainly rely on elemental reactions. A 2-piece can boost elemental mastery by 80, while a 4-piece set grants an increase of 35% damage to charged attacks.

How to unlock Barbara Genshin Impact

In fact, Barbara is one of the six free characters in the game. She will be added to your team line after you reach Adventure Rank 18 and complete the A Long Shot quest which ends the main Archon quest of the Mondstadt section.

As she is free, Barbara is not usually featured on a banner. In case you are trying to roll more of the character to unlock the constellations, she is up for grabs via the Wanderlust Invocation standard wish banner.

Genshin Impact Barbara facts

1. Barbara Genshin Impact age

Barbara Pegg is a charismatic and a bundle of joy who lives true to her age. In Genshin Impact, she is 16-17 years old. For the unversed, Barbara is Jean’s younger sister.

2. Barbara Genshin Impact voice actor

The voice actor is listed as Laura Stahl, who has worked on other games such as Fire Emblem Heroes and in anime such as The Promised Neverland. After Genshin Impact's version 1.3 update, her voice seems to be more laid back and muted which made fans speculate that they may have changed the voice actor.

However, it seems that the Barbara Genshin Impact voice actor is still the same old Laura Stahl.

barbara genshin impact age
Barbara and Jean

3. Genshin Impact Barbara hangout guide

Barbara is among the few characters in the game that players can hang out with. The endings in this permanent hangout event depend on the dialogue choices you make. For Barbara, there are 5 alternate endings.

To avoid losing hearts and failing this hangout event, do not be too impolite to other characters, don't accept Mora for helping anyone, and especially do not flirting needlessly with Barbara in the woods!

For further hangout guides as well as useful tips, make sure to stay updated with!

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