Celestia Genshin Impact is a special floating island in Teyvat's sky. This is a unique existence in Genshin Impact, known as the abode of the gods. Check out this guide on how to spot this floating island in this game.

Celestia Genshin Impact
Celestia is a floating island which is located in the sky of Teyvat.

#1. Celestia Genshin Impact Location

Celestia is a floating island which is located in the sky of Teyvat. It's known as the residence of the gods. Therefore, it does not have a specific location in the game. Moreover, Celestia's floating island in Genshin Impact is inaccessible now.

Maybe you will be able to access Celestia in the upcoming updates when further parts of the game's storyline are unlocked. You may need to get there in an Archon Quest in the future. You can see Celestia on the opening screen of the game.

Opening Screen
The opening screen of Genshin Impact is the gate in Celestia.

#2. How To Spot Celestia In Genshin Impact?

Celestia floats in the sky of Teyvat. It does not move like the moon and the sun. You can spot this island from different places on this continent. Here are some places where you can spot Celestia clearly.

  • Morte Region
  • Stormterror’s Lair: From this location, you look to the west to spot this island.
  • Qingyun Peak: If you stand on this peak, you can see it in the south.
  • Mondstadt Statue.
  • The westernmost region in Minlin.

You can see this island both at night and during the day, but it's easier to be seen in the moonlight.

Mondstadt Statue
You can spot Celestia Genshin Impact from Mondstadt Statue.

#3. Things To Know About Celestia

Celestia is a secret location now and there are many things players still don't know about this special location. However, there are a few things we know about this residence of gods in Teyvat.

The Archon War

Celestia is mentioned in the story of the Archon War. It opened seven divine seats on this island thousands of years ago. Then, the archons on Teyvat started a war to claim a seat in Celestia. The Archon War caused misery and chaos on this continent for a long time before winners claimed the seat.

Celestia is mentioned in the story of the Archon War.

The seven winners after this war are called The Seven. They divided Teyvay into seven nations and took power from Celestia through their Gnosis. Moreover, the archons on Teyvay also have a weak connection with this divine island. They can hear Celestia which used to be the privilege of the mortals.

Celestia Is Mentioned In The Story Of The Archon W
The archons have a weak connection with this divine island.

The only known Ascended to Celestia

Guhua and Vennessa are the two only people on Teyvat to be ascended to Celestia. Guhua is a well-known formidable swordsman in Liyue. His signature weapon is Rainslasher. He served as a mythological figure in Liyue who looked after the wellness and peace in this nation.

Guhua Genshin Impact
Guhua is a formidable swordsman in Liyue.

Vennessa was Mondstadt's hero who lived on Teyvat over 1,000 years ago. This hero put an end to Aristocracy in Mondstadt and established the nation of Mondstadt as well as the Knights of Favonius. Those big feats made her ascend to Celestia.

Rumored Release Date

Celestia Genshin Impact is still a myth in Teyvat now. We still have to wait to be able to access this secret land in the future. According to some rumors, Celestia may be accessible in a future update of Genshin Impact. Then, we can learn more about the role of the Heavenly Principles in Teyvat's myth and more secrets about Celestia.

Visit Celestia Genshin Impact
Celestia Genshin Impact may come in the future.

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