On Watatsumi Island, players of Genshin Impact will come across multiple NPCs who need help from the Traveler. Doing these quests will give you a lot of Primogems and a chance to explore this new island. The Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue is one of the quests and you will have to go through some stages to complete it. Here’s how to solve the puzzle!

Genshin Impact‘s Solitary Sea Beast is one of the many available quests in the game. It takes place on Watatsumi Island, Inazuma. The challenges require you to solve the puzzle of the Watatsumi statue and rescue Anisa.

You need to start your quest from Watatsumi Island. Check the Quest Icon on the map and approach the Icon. After that, follow these steps and you will be good to go.

1. Talk to Kumi

On Watatsumi Island’s West Coast, you will find an NPC named Kumi on the beach. She is located near the Archon Statue.

She will need your assistance in preparing an offering to a childhood friend. After you have talked to her, Kumi will ask you to bring her three Sakura Blooms.

In case you do not have any Sakura Blooms in the inventory, visit Sakura Bloom locations and get some in the area of Grand Narukami Shrine. Having obtained the item, the player needs to come back to Kumi to get the quest continuing.

Talk To Kumi
Talk to Kumi, then give her the Sakura Blooms she needs to proceed.

2. Defeat Hilichurl Camp in the West

After you have submitted the blooms, the NPC will ask you to check in on a researcher last seen close to a Hilichurl camp on the island’s west coast.

Head to that Hilichurl camp and beat all of them that surround the researcher. Do note that you may encounter these during the investigation, such as:

  • Electro Samachurl
  • Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard
  • Electro Hilichurl Grenadier
  • Blazing Axe Mitachurl
  • Hilichurl Grenadier.

Therefore, make sure you equip the best team.

3. Unlock the puzzle

Once players successfully rescue the researcher, she will inform the player of a possible treasure in the area. Players will notice three elemental totems (two electro, one hydro) in the area. Unfortunately, one of the Electro totems is blocked by an Electro barrier bubble.

Three Bock Totems
You will see three totems that need unblocking.

The next step in solving The Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue is to unlock the Puzzle itself.

In order to access the blocked totem, head behind the hut of the Hilichurl and activate the Electrogranum plant. After that, return to the Hilichurl to deactivate the barrier.

Summon Electrogranum
Summon Electrogranum to deactivate the barrier that surrounds one of the totems.

In case the player’s Electrogranum level is not enough to pass the barrier, they can still activate the totem by shooting it with Lisa’s charged attack or Fischl’s bow.

Activate By Shooting
Activate a totem by Fischl's bow, or any Electro bow user for the fastest outcome.

Once you have activated the totem, use a Hydro or Electro character to activate the two totems left. You will be able to complete the puzzle beside Anisa once having activated the three of the totems.

Activate Totem
Activate the last totem with Xingqiu Kokomi, Mona, or any Hydro character that you have.

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4. Solve the Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue

In this puzzle, you must manage to reach to glowing tile platform by getting all the bonus tiles along the way activated. But if you step twice on a tile, you will fail the mission immediately.

  • Begin the puzzle by standing on the first tile.
Stand On The First Tile And Reach The Statue
Follow this direction to reach the statue.
  • Walk in the direction of the floating statue.
  • Once reached the statue, "Pay Respects at the Statue" to unveil additional tiles.
  • Head to the revealed tiles around to the opposite side, then interact with the Watatsumi statue for the second time.
Pay Respect
Pay respect and go to the opposite side for the second time.
  • As it reveals a bonus tile, it will make a path for you to reach the final tile of the puzzle.
Follow The Newly Revealed Tiles
The newly revealed tiles are the path you should follow.

5. Talk to Anisa and Kumi

Now that you have completed this puzzle, you will be able to get an Exquisite chest. Make sure to speak to Kumi and Anisa the last time as you will be granted a bonus of 40 Primogems for completing the puzzle.

Other rewards you can get for completing the quest include:

  • Adventure EXP
  • Inazuma Reputation EXP
  • Mora, Primogem
  • Hero’s Wit

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