After the 2.0 update, Genshin Impact players now have a slew of new quests and sections to experience. Sakura Blooms are what you will most likely stumble upon on their path and you will want to farm as many of them as you can.

So what are Sakura Bloom Genshin Impact locations and what are they used for?

What are Sakura Blooms used for?

The Sakura Blooms can be used for various purposes in Genshin Impact. In most cases, you will use them as ascension materials for Cryo vision-wielder, Ayaka. The material may become available for other characters in the future.

Meanwhile, you can also use them as decorations at a gamer’s house in Serenitea Pot. They may also be part of a recipe to create some delicious dishes for a party.

Genshin Sakura Bloom
Sakura Blooms is Ayaka's ascension material.

Sakura Bloom locations Genshin Impact

All Sakura Bloom Genshin spots will be on the biggest land, Narukami, in the new Genshin Impact nation Inazuma. You will need to travel to Inazuma, arrive in Narukami, and look for the floating, pink and glowing petal clusters.

There are around 30 locations for Sakura Blooms on the island and the highest volume of them on the northeast of Narukami center. The locations respawn every 48 hours after getting picked.

Sakura Bloom Genshin Impact interactive map
Where can you find all 64 Sakura Blooms? Here is the Sakura Bloom Genshin Impact interactive map.

As not all players have the time to wander the island directionless, here are the four spots they may take note of:

  • Grand Narukami Shrine
  • Grand Narukami Shrine Depths
  • Araumi
  • Kamisato Estate

1. Grand Narukami Shrine

The first location to harvest a bounty of Sakura Bloom Genshin Impact is the Grand Narukami Shrine. Although you may have to trek a bit to reach there, there are at least 7 Sakura Blooms on the way up.
It’s a good number to pick, let alone more of them which are waiting for you at the Shrine.

Sakura Bloom
Sakura Bloom is one such necessary material to have.

2. Grand Narukami Shrine Depths

The Sakura Bloom farming route moves on to the Grand Narukami Shrine Depths after you have swept out the Narukami Shrine. This second-best place lies right below the Shrine.
You just need to leap through a crevice under it to reach the Shrine Depths.

There will be 5 Sakura Blooms there and they seem to condense quite tightly. It’s a quick trip so don’t hesitate to pay it a visit.

Grand Narukami Shrine Depths
Grand Narukami Shrine Depths

Note: Genshin Impact players have to complete the Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest in order to access this area.

3. Araumi

Now, go to Narukami Island’s northern part to find Araumi. This is a small set of ruins where present a massive sakura tree. By roaming around the zone, you shall get seven Sakura Blooms with no trouble.

Araumi has a giant sakura tree, so you will want to explore this area to get its blooms.

4. Kamisato Estate

A lot of Sakura Bloom hunters want this plant to ascend Ayaka. Therefore, it is a fit to search the area around her abode which is definitely one of the best Sakura Bloom locations.
On the Kamisato property, you can get two Sakura Blooms. Meanwhile, nine more Blooms spawn in the surrounding area.

As there’s a teleport waypoint near there, facilitating a brief trip to the estate will be a good idea before you get to do other Genshin chores.

You can basically find Sakura Bloom anywhere in Inazuma as long as there are sakura trees nearby.

You can also plant the Sakura Blooms inside Serenitea Pot if you have bought A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe item at the Realm Depot. It shall give you some space to plant items including Sakura Blooms.

How to get Sakura Bloom Genshin Impact

After spotting one of these piles of Sakura petals, you only have to use an Electro attack to come at it. You may make use of any Electro character:

  • Fischl
  • Razor
  • Keqing
  • Traveler
  • Beidou
  • Lisa
  • Baal
  • Yae Miko (upcoming character)
  • Kujou Sara
Sakura Blooms
To get Sakura Bloom. you need to interact with these pink floating petals using Electro characters' attack.

Sakura Tempura recipe

Sakura Tempura is a good dish made in the game. Users can grab the recipe from the Gourmet Supremos, Assemble! world quest. The quest is in the Inazuma area which is a new addition to the Genshin Impact 2.0 update.

The ingredients needed for this Sakura Tempura recipe are:

  • 4 Shrimp Meat
  • 2 Sakura Blooms
  • 2 Lavender Melons
  • 1 Flour

Once made, this dish will boost the strength of the shield for 300 seconds from 20% up to 30%, depending on the tempura’s cooking quality.

The other two Sakura Bloom recipes in Genshin Impact are:

  • Sakura Mochi: 4 rice, 2 Sugar, & 1 Sakura Bloom. Being an in-game reward for the 2.0 update version, it revives and grants from 900 to 1,500 HP to a fallen target.
  • Tricolor Dango: 2 Milk, 1 Rice, 2 Snapdragon, 2 Sakura Bloom. The food can restore 30% to 34% Max HP while giving 600 - 1,900 bonus HP to a target. Recipe acquired by purchase for 5,000 Mora from Kiminami Anna.

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